Working in te Field of Visual Communication


Task 1.

The current areas of employment in the field of visual communication 
within my choosen sector which is Illustration is a quite wide range, 
I have found a really good webside with the current jobs going for 
illustrators (
The jobs which I have found are mostly in the United States. Which I 
found more common as most of the Illustration artists I know of are 
from United States or are working there.

Also I have found a web side which is can
help build a illustration portfolio and it gives you all the information 
which you need for example, “What Degree Do You Need To Be an Ilustrator?”
“How to Start as an Illustrator” etc. Which I think I will use in future.

Some of the jobs going for Illustrators are even providing a training
as there is few of entries and qualifications needed. In my opionion
from those current jobs going now it seems like they are looking for 
creative people and they are prviding the training to to see or to learn
the IT parts of the job.

Task 2.

As a Illustrator the job have different stages like discussing clients needs
and identifying a target audience, negotiating the prices and time when the 
project needs to be finished, creating sketches, paintings or even computer format 
designs. Speaking with the client about the progress, discussing changes of
the project, also illustrator needs to be sure that the work is completed within set budget and deadlines.

The hours are usually arranged and flexible which I think is a great benefit. As the Illustrator can be a house wife with kids for example, also mot of the Illustrators working throughout the UK are self-employment and work freelance. They most likely have other paid jobs like being a tutor for example. As being a self-employed illustrator doesn't always gives you monthly wage.

Working as a Illustrator full time, usually means working in a studio 9–5, Monday to Friday, as working in a Designing company there wouldn't be just one project as they would be more likely to have more clients then a freelancer.

Also you can have partnerships which I think it can be great, as you wouldn't work on the project by yourself. Butt also you would become responsible for the other persons mistakes. So there’s two sides of advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages:
The disadvantages working as a Illustrator are that you never know for sure if you will have a monthly wage, sometimes you can disagree with the client and you can be removed from the project,

The advantages: 
The advantages in my opinion are the flexible hours, research as you will gather new information about a culture, product, etc. which I personally really like. Sometimes the freedom of design, also by doing the research in a field you can always meet some amazing people, you can work from home.

There’s also many different roles to the job as you don't just design whatever, you need research not just of the target audience nut also product, marketing, already existing designs, etc.

Task 3.

To become and work as a Illustrator usually required:
-drawing skills
-Creativity and imagination
-eye for detail and designs
-self-promotional skills
-self-motivation to be able to work to the deadlines
-having good communication skills and negotiating skills
-good understanding

Also it is important for the illustartor to enjoy crative work and to have a wide interest
in visual arts.

I think that an Illustrator need to be able to show the client their interest of the project, also to keep the client satisfied, also I think that it is really important to explain to the client produced work, for example: I have used this colour for this element to make it more interesting and eye catching, so when the target audience will look at it would be really hard to miss it.
So the communication skills need to be really good. Also the artist needs to know how to show the message in an art form. So it’s not just education what is needed by the skills in the artist as well everybody can draw, but it’s not just about that is important to have the skills to not just communicate with the client but to understand the client and what they want to show.

Task 4.

The employees health and safety responsibilities are first of all to take care of your own health and safety, working in a studio means that you have to wear responsibly for the job, working with machinery means that you need to make sure that your clothes, jewellery and hair will not get in the way, also if taking medication which can make you sleepy, dizzy, etc. It’s best to tell your employer about the medication which you are taking. As a employee you need to co-operate with your employer, making sure that you get the proper training and you understand and follow the company’s health and safety polices. Also as a employee you need to report any injuries, strains or illnesses you can suffer during work, as the employer may need to change the way you work.

The employers responsibility is to give the employees health, safety and welfare working stations, the employers also need to give their employees information about the risks and also provide with a suitable training. Employers must consult employees on health and safety issues. Consultation must be either direct or through a safety representative that is either elected by the workforce or appointed by a trade union. The employers need to consider and take actions in any health and safety 


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