U. S. cracks down on imported, fraudulent fish, a new set of regulations set by Obama will enforce illegal labeling, and will be in place by October.
The new set of regulations include a forty page action plan, approved by President Obama. Fish on the list currently passed off as grouper include, cheap Asian fish, Tilapia and Catfish.
According to a Department of Interior spokesperson, 84 percent of fish imported into the U.S. labeled white tuna, was actually “Escular”, a fish that causes acute digestive effects.
The Department of Interior will begin monitoring international and domestic fishing online, in an attempt to expose illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
University of South Florida scientists have invent a device that identifies the DNA of grouper, this device is just in time to help the United States label fish with its correct name.
The QuadPyre device handheld sensor developed at USF detects Grouper. With a price of $30 per test, it will not be used anytime soon at the St. Petersburg Yacht club, according to Chef Bemmell.
“We purchase our fish from a reputable company that we trust,” Chef Joseph Bemmell said.
The U.S. food and drug administration allows for 64 different kinds of fish to be called grouper, making the QuadPyre device useful in determining the species of fish, if restaurants are willing to use it.
Grouper is not the only fish that may face scrutiny at many local restaurants, as the Obama administration tightens its grip on imported fish and USF helps identify grouper.
The next DNA identifier on the list of seafood samples by the QuadPyre will be Snapper and White Tuna.

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