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Feb 8, 2018 · 5 min read
book flower
book flower

Before submitting your book for review.

What I will say next looks obvious, however many authors ignore it, And will play an important part in getting good book reviews or not.

So what to check for before submitting your book for review?

1- Book cover:

Even you believe in not judging the books by its cover, but many people do. So make sure your book cover design is attractive. The name and the picture both clear and well designed.

2- Your book must be in a good format:

To keep the reader focus on your great story and not distracted by such a simple issue.

3-Your book must be well edited and spell checked:

If you are a self published author, make sure to hire a professional editor. Always keep in mind if you made a masterpiece with many spelling or grammar errors. This will destroy your book reputation in no time. I know hiring an editor is expensive but every penny spent on him/her worth it.

library book
library book

Where to submit your book for a professional review?

There are many which provide a professional review for indie authors or traditionally published authors. Some of them will be tough so keep in mind that first impressions of your book are very important.

1- Trade publication reviews:

Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, and Indie Reader.

2- Consumer publications reviews:

Local news papers and city magazines.

3- Non-professional reader reviews:

These reviews written by book readers. And are the same which you will find them on amazon, Kobo or goodreads. The easiest way is to get these reviews is to ask your family and your friends to submit a review for your book there after reading it. But keep in mind as their opinion is not always honest.
For other readers you can include a link on the last page of your book to leave a review. Also you can give a free or discounted book as an exchange for their review later (this can be used if you have an email list). By law the reviewer should be declare that they receive a free book as an exchange for their review. And Just be aware that Amazon officially forbids authors to incentive readers for reviews. So if you want to do it do not advertise it on your website or Facebook page. As long as you keep it for your email exchange list Amazon aren’t privy to, you will be fine.

4- Book blogger reviews:

There are many book bloggers out there. Some of them charge and others not. So you have to be clear with them from the beginning which services they provide, and whether they do it for free, a donation or a small charge.

5- Paid book reviews: (I provide this service here)

This type of review is controversial. As some people think all the paid reviews are like buying a 5 star review. And this is not ethical and will mislead the people who read the review. In my humble opinion, they are right. But well this depend on the author himself, as not all the paid reviews are 5 stars review, but unfortunately many are. You can find many of these services on fiverr even if it is prohibited by amazon and by law. But if you want a person to criticize your book honestly then you have to search for it and make sure his/her service is ethical.

Ok, How it is ethical at the end it was paid?

question how
question how

Now How to make bad book review works for you?

The answer is simple, take it shamelessly, do not take it personally and make sure you learned from it. Not all the reviews will help you. Also expect that you will get a bad book review just because of the book subject , or how it handles a problem. So always trust yourself and try to learn. And always be ethical in getting book reviews.

Final thoughts:

Always keep in mind, if someone said that your book is a crab. It is his/her personal opinion only. And it does not mean your book is a crab.

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