How to make a devastating book marketing plan?

Karrar R
Karrar R
Jul 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Introduction to the book marketing plan

You wrote your book, and you are proud of it, you published it, and you felt yourself better than most of the writers in the field. You are a published author now. For sure this question will pop up in your head “How can I sell my book?”. It is a good start, you wrote your book, you edit it, and you get the chance to publish it which is excellent. But asking “how to sell your book?” is not the right question you need to ask. Because you will forget an essential part of the selling equation of your book (or any other product) which is: Product (book) + Consumer(reader) = Sale (revenue). Forgetting about your reader and how to put your book between their hands, is a fatal mistake in your book marketing plan if you have one.

After what you had read above, what do you think about now? Is “how can I sell my book?” the best question to ask? or “How can my readers find my book?” is more appealing?. It will make a shift in your perception. Instead of trying to sell more of your book. You have to try to let the fans of your book genre find it. And for sure will affect your book marketing plan and your bookselling positively.

In this post, you will find some basics about book marketing. You will also find some tips, marketing ideas which were implemented by various published authors, and will help you to establish the best marketing plan for your book.

Book marketing is about your readers.

After you published your book, try to understand your readers. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes, when you make a blog post, send an email, or post anything on one of your social media channels. Always think about your readers and how will they respond to your posts, and what will trigger in their mind?

It is trending now, you should start your book marketing plan early, before weeks or months of publishing your book. It is not bad advice, but if you did not do so, then please do not panic you can start now.

When establishing your book marketing plan, fortunately, there is not too late, or too early, there is a solution always. Especially for Ebooks, ebooks will not disappear from the shelves after months from publishing them, and if your book did not sell for a long time, you could start promoting it now and advertise it on some promo site (there are many online, but for example, bookbub will do the job) And get a good results also.

One of the right things to think about before launching your book is to build an audience online; you can do that by starting a blog (check How to start a website for your book online? Introduction)or a newsletter. You can try to get readers emails and increase your followers on social media; this will make establishing your book marketing strategy easier. However, it will not be too late to do that, even after launching your book.

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