How to plan the best book marketing strategies?

Karrar R
Karrar R
Jun 25, 2018 · 7 min read

How to plan the best book marketing strategies?

You can raise your hand If you find yourself lost when planning the best book marketing strategies.

How to market your book is a top trend between the author’s population at this time, you can believe you wrote the best book in the world, you put all the required effort, you follow every rule written out there online or in books, you think you made the best book in the word.

Then you took your book to the editors they trim it, you felt they cut apart from your heart, and after the battle ended with your editor, your writing is ready to be published, and your baby will see the light finally. Then you may face the ugly truth about your book; your book did not sell.

You go back again searching online for a reason, trying to find a solution and figure out why this happened to your book; some lost the trust in their selves, their writing, and their book. Then your dream became a nightmare; many forget the idea of writing again, their books and their dreams went with the wind.

I will not talk about only the emotional crisis you faced, what about your time, your dignity, or your financial resources which lost because you did not plan in the first place.

Well, there is good news, no matter how much you felt the setback, if you sold few copies or none and came here to search for an answer, by doing so, I would like to congratulate you. You are not a loser, you are not a quitter, you are trying your best to reborn and to find a solution, and since you are here, it is time to recover.

In this world, marketing your book sometimes more critical and more tricky than writing the books itself. I know it is shocking, but it is the truth. And that’s why we called them “best selling books” and not “best-written books.”, The main reason for that is even if you wrote a book which is a gem, phenomenal or calls it the way you like. It is useless since people can not find it and read it.

You can write the best book in the world; however, if it is not marketed well, no one will care about it. That’s why we must try hard to implement the best book marketing strategies, so our book at least treated the way it deserved.

Before start writing your book, you should take a moment to understand the market, to write a book you must understand what people want? The readers will give the value to your book, so you must try hard to write something to grab their attention, amaze them and fulfill their needs. Or as I told you before NO one will buy your book. If the people surprised by your work, then they will recommend it to other people and they will be willing to read more of our writing.

The first question you must ask yourself before writing your book and plan your book marketing strategies is “Who are you writing this book for?”

Is it for you? Is it for your friends? Is it for a specific country? Or is it for the whole world? What is the age of your audience? Will they understand the book you intend to write?. These simple questions will give you a simple idea about your next book and will help to validate the concept of your book. Does it worth the time and the effort to write it or not.

“A new writer writes for themselves, while the published writer writes for his reader.”

I read this quote somewhere, and it is very truthful.

Question to ask when planning your book marketing strategies?

Before you start writing your book try to ask yourself more questions, to determine your book market and at least will give you a small idea on how your book will sell, for example:

  1. What is the genre of your book?
  2. How will the book genre affect your book sell?
  3. How many copies are you planning to sell?
  4. In which countries do you want your book to sell?
  5. Which list of top seller do you want to top?
  6. How much money do you want to make?
  7. Who is your ideal reader and what he want or need?
  8. How can you serve your readers need as a writer/author?

Finding your ideal reader is the most important question you can ask your self, it will change the way you write

your book, where to sell? And how to market your book to reach your ideal readers?

If you felt it is difficult to answer this question, do this simple exercise:

  • Try sitting alone in a quiet place, close your eyes, and try to imagine your book is published in its final form, and it is on the library shelves.
  • Try to imagine two people approached your book and took it from the shelves, how they look like? What is their age? Thier gender? And how they react to your book?
  • Dig deeper into their personalities. How did they think? What comes to their mind when they start reading your book?

After you get a clear picture or a bright idea of these two, then you will know and understand your ideal reader. The author always has a responsibility to their readers and their fan; he must try his best to impress them or at least to meet their expectation, failing to do so will push your readers away from you and your work.

Now after we identify our audience, what shall we do?

The timeline:

You must put a timeline, a schedule for the steps of writing your book; you must identify how much time do you need to finish at least the first script? And when it is ready?. And then consider adding the expected time it needs to be edited. Then the time required to get your book ready to be published. The timeline does not to be precise or sharp, but at least you will have an idea about it.

The budget:

Here will talk about the money; you must understand each step in the timeline and how much will cost you?.

Choosing the right budget is a fatal factor in planning your best book marketing strategies. The budget dedicated to the book will help you identify your ability to publish your book. Will you need a publisher? Can you self-publish your book? Or will you follow the hybrid approach?.

Also, your budget will decide how you will market your book? Will you use online ads (like Facebook ads or google ads), or something like printed brochures, bookmarks or banner?. Having a simple idea from the beginning will make you sharp in deciding your best book marketing strategies. And when the time comes for each spending, you already planned.

Book reviews:

To sell more books on Amazon or another online website, book reviews are an essential part of planning your

best book marketing strategies for many reasons:

  1. It will raise the awareness about your book, keep in mind people reading book reviews are interested in buying books.
  2. Book reviews will give some information about your book, highlight its strength or weakness, or does it worth buying or not.
  3. They will provide a quite feedback about your book, and where to focus or if a fix needed in your next version.

To read more about book reviews check (Book review, How and where to get it?)

Seeling platform:

Choosing a platform for selling your book is essential when planning your book marketing strategies, doing so will help you to know where to focus your marketing, Is your primary platform is online or offline? If it is online then where to focus?, on Amazon or Kobo? Or other online platforms. If you plan to concentrate offline, Do you have a plan in which library should your book found? And how do you plan to expand later?.

Choosing the right platform will affect your book marketing strategies directly will also change your bookselling positively or negatively.

As you can see to establish a right book marketing strategies is tricky. There are many factors to consider. Giving enough time to develop a good strategy worth it, it is better than spending it lost searching for a solution later. Or trying to fix what is not planned or spoiled because of no planning.

When you decide to write a book always give enough time for planning the best possible book marketing strategies available.

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