How to start a site for your novel online? The hosting provider

Karrar R
Karrar R
Jun 1, 2018 · 2 min read

How to start a website for your novel online? The hosting provider

Welcome, again this is the 3rd post from the series (How to start a website for your book online? Introduction). After we choose the domain or the name for your site for your novel online, now we must determine the house for our domain. To be more clear the domain is the address and the host is the place where the address will lead you to.

Choosing a host is crucial for building a website for your novel online, the host server will determine the speed of your site, and the uptime for it. So we have to make sure to choose the best host online, so we do not need to switch for another later.

What are the factors which affect choosing the hosting provider for your novel online?

Before choosing the host provider, we have to look for some crucial factors like:

  1. The customer service: is essential, so when we want to select a hosting provider, we have to make sure the customer services are there most of the time, and easy to reach in case you face any problem with your website.
  2. The price: how much will it cost to get your novel online? And here we should search for the value, not the cost itself.
  3. Available storage: means how much the provider will dedicate the room to your website.
  4. The number of domains: means how many domains you are willing to host? We will go into detail for this later.
  5. Offers and extra services they provide: this varies depending on the host provider.

The above are general factors to consider, but as I told you before to keep things simple, we will check for these in details below.

Which host provider to choose?

There are many, and most of them provide excellent services, I put some examples below you can choose from them:

To read more check:

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