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Karrar R
Feb 7, 2018 · 5 min read

When my journey in writing started a few years ago. For no reason, or as I heard from some of my fellow writers. To start a website for a book is a challenge. Writers or authors I knew (I was one of them). Did not have any background in coding, customizing a website, or even knew how the website is functioning?

Since we are writers or authors, we all knew how hard to write a book. Many struggles with writing 1000 words per day. Or writing a simple blog post is a challenge for some of us. However, if you think to start a website or a blog for your book is more difficult than writing a book, then you are wrong. Not because start a website is an easy task. But you as an author had already passed through a nightmare (writing your own book LOL). So believe me starting a website is not an impossible challenge and a lot easier.

To be honest with you, the whole process is not simple if you look at it as a whole. But If you make it step by step. Each step is like a piece of cake (As writing a chapter by chapter for your book). So one day, on 5th of November 2016. An idea flashed in my mind “OK Karrar, Why you are not starting a website for yourself” Naming it the way I want to design it the way I want, write everything comes to my mind the way I want with no one to check after me, or forced to write posts which are not related to me.

And then I made few searches online (and having a deep conversation with my closest friend Google LOL). I found some resources for this process and for many moments, I was overwhelmed (Ideas like “Come on Karrar this is not for you” was trending in my mind at that time). But as we all knew we pass through the same feeling when we write so it was manageable. I started my blog in March 2017 after 4 months of research and then I am here. I have a blog, I have the place to share my ideas, or maybe to sell services. Adding an income which helps me to buy my cup of coffee and will be the home of my book. And believe me or not. I did all this with no knowledge of coding. And since I can then you can do the same.

After this long introduction about my journey with my blog. Many questions will come to your mind for sure. So I put some below:

Why should I start a website/ blog?

Good question and I asked myself the same question (also was trending when I did my search LOL). There are many, emotional, personal, and even commercial benefits. So I will summarize some below, from my personal experience:

  1. You will get closer to your fans: Your blog or your website will let you understand what your fans want?. How they think?. How
    they think and what attracts their attention.
  2. You can sell your book directly on your website: No need for Amazon or any other online store. You can just sell your book on your website.
  3. Sell your book at the price you want and the way you want: It is your website so no need to comply with anyone rules, you put the rules.
  4. You can brainstorm your ideas with your fans. So your next book idea will be easier to get.
  5. Create your own platform: You can make it as a store, as a forum, as a blog, or whatever you want it’s yours.
  6. Collect your social media profiles all in one place for your fans: Your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media
  7. You can collect all your books in one place: You can collect all your books store pages in one place. And let the buyer choose the store that suits him the best.

And many others, I cannot summarize all the benefits here. But for sure I will mention each one in their particular place so it will be
more familiar to you as go together in this journey.

Should I have a knowledge of coding?

Absolutely not, and if you need any, It will be very simple and can be found on Google.

Does it cost a lot of money?

The only one who can answer this question is you. You can as low as $1 and also you can spend over $1000. Whatever was the cost, it will be cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you.

Does it need a lot of time?

You can dedicate one hour per day, one hour per week or one hour per months. The time needed is less than the time needed for writing and what is not paid with money it can be paid by your time. So choose your preference.

What about the revenues? I do not want to spend my time on something does not bring me money.

Well, this is not a writer /author question. However, if your source of money was only from selling your book, then selling you book directly from your website will generate more revenues than selling it on Amazon or any other website.

Seo Optimization Website E-commerce Marketing Web

What is WordPress, ad words, SEM, SEO, plugins and many other words I did not understand?

We will come to each one by one by the simplest way.

I have many questions which are not listed above, what should I do?

You can ask more questions in the comments below, send me a direct message on my twitter account here. Or simply wait for the next post and you will find all your questions answered.

As you read above starting a blog is simple if it is done step by step and described step by step. So I divided the article into several parts. Which will be posted in the coming weeks. This will keep the information simple and easy to digest. Also, this will give you a chance to ask questions I will add their answers in my future posts.

You can find the parts of this series below:

How to start a website for your book? Domains

Karrar R

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Karrar R

I am a #Writer, #reader, #philanthropist seeking for ideas and hungry for #thoughts , Future #Author. #amwriting

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