Karrar R
Karrar R
Feb 8, 2018 · 4 min read
game of thrones, the straks
game of thrones, the straks

Know your character

The first thing I need to highlight is you must know your character well. You have to draw a complete picture in your mind and knew everything about them. When someone asks you questions about them you know how to answer. Well, it is oblivious that you cannot know all the answers when you start writing the story. But try your best.

aragon , lord of the rings
aragon , lord of the rings

Ask yourself question

Always ask your self about your characters. This will reveal the hidden. You can ask psychological , physical or emotional questions. Treat your characters as your children and try to pump life into them and show the love they deserve.

Which questions to ask?

It can be anything or any question an acquaintance may ask you about your characters. I put some examples down but do not let these question narrow your imagination.

  1. Physical: Are they tall or short, Big or small, fast or slow ?.
  2. Emotional: Are they romantic, rude, or have any other special emotion?.
  3. Habits: Which food they like? Which color they prefer ?. And why?.
  4. Family: What about their mom and dad?. May be brothers, sisters or cousins?. And Do they have a rule in your story?
  5. Past: Ask your self about their past. Like their previous relationships. Or their childhood. And how your characters affected by them?.
  6. Thoughts: What are your character thoughts?. Like when they sit in their free time or while they walk in the street.
  7. Personality: What is their strong trait?. And what is their weakness?.
  8. Voice: The way they talk. And the tone of their voice.
  9. Age: how old are they?.
harry potter
harry potter

Naming your characters

Every character has a name. Try to name them according to their gender, the Era they lived in. And matched with the theme of your story.

dwarfs , lord of the rings
dwarfs , lord of the rings

Last words

When forging your characters remember:

  • Show the positive and the negative trait of your character.
  • Always cover 1. Appearance 2. Actions 3. Thoughts 4. Speech 5. Interactions.
  • Do not follow the same rules for the main and the minor characters.

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