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Jun 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Top fifteen writing tips

Writing is a solitary task; it is a hobby for most of us,it is funny and smooth, other times writing is like a horror, getting a smooth writing experience need a lot of patience, time and spirit to keep performing. During hard times we strive to search for an answer here and there, on this topic, I tried to suggest the Top fifteen writing tips which work for me.

Top fifteen writing tips which helps

1- If you want to write then start writing:

You will not be a writer if you did not write, so keep writing always.

2- Keep reading:(read Does Reading Really Improve Writing?)

Reading will stimulate you and give you the solution to writing blocks (check What is the writer’s block?) when they come.

3- Keep a diary with you:

When you are out during you to walk or shopping, you do not know when a thought arises and hit you. Journaling will keep your ideas stored to be used in future.

4- Keep a dictionary on your side:

It will help you to find the right word at the right time.

5- Join a group of writers:

Online or offline groups will help you with brainstorming, and keep reviving yourself, you are not alone in the struggle.

6-Learn how to observe:

Observing people and how they act will be copied to your characters, and thus will give more realistic attributes for your story.

7- Search for writing sources: (check 6 Best books for writers to read )

Again buy a book, read online posts and subscribe to writing blogs will help to inspire you and enrich your writing.

8- Try writing exercises:

You can find them online, it will help your writing to develop and your ideas to flourish.

9- Avoid internal critique:

It will hold your writing and made feel stuck, keep writing.

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