Creative Direction in Fashion

Creative direction is needed in various industries in order to appeal to consumers and stand out from the competition. It is essential to be a pioneer as a creative director in order to set the standard for others in your industry to follow. Fashion is an industry that relies heavily on strong creative direction. From concept to execution, the creative director is the fashion ringleader in all decision for a collection


This is the most important component of an individual who is a leader a fashion brand. Their ideas most move fashion forward while also respecting where fashion has come from. A fashion director must have a clear and concise vision of a collection and format it for the given season. A creative direction must generate fresh ideas that are appealing to the overall market. Whether it is Chanel or Target, the ideas must be congruent with the brand they are working with.


Not only must a creative director have cutting-edge ideas, they must have the ability to effectively communicate them to their team. Ideas are great but the execution of the ideas is the most critical part of a creative process. Your team of designers must clearly understand your vision through verbal or visual communication. Expressing your ideas in an understandable manner is what makes a creative director efficient.


As a director, you are inherently the leader. It takes a leader to connect all of the loose ends and stand behind all the decisions made during a project’s process. A leader must take charge and be ready to answer all questions from your team. This also comes into play when selecting colors, fabrics, styles, shapes, etc.


When in a leadership position, a lot of the smaller, technical tasks such as patterning or sewing are left to the design team. Yet, a director must understand the technical skill set that goes behind a piece of garment. This also is true for creative directors in different industries such as graphic design. A creative director might not create the project in Illustrator or Photoshop but they should know how the programs work.

Originally published at on April 24, 2018.