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Q: Could you share some outstanding events of Dragon Kart? What value will our users get in this new game update?

A: During the Tet event, players racing Tet map will receive DKP with higher Reward than the old 3 maps. After 12 days of release, the reward will be reduced equal to the old maps.

  • Using DKP to redeem for Dragon Kart exclusive NFT during TET holiday, NFTs can only redeem within 12 days. Exclusive NFTs are redeemable only during this time and cannot be obtained for any other time.
  • After 12 days of the event, $KART will only be received as the rewards for winning in Hard and Very Hard modes.
  • Launch of Daily Quest: players who complete daily quests will receive DKP and KART.

Launch of upgrade, fusion, cloning and transformation.

  • Enhancement: Users will use the original NFT with the upgraded NFT to level up their NFT to a higher level. NFT enhancement will be burned after upgrading, which means you just can upgrade once time. If the upgrade fails, the NFT level will be reduced (from level 2).
  • Fusion: Users will use 2 NFTs of the same level + Fused NFTs to upgrade their NFTs to a higher level. If you use 2 NFTs with the same rarity, NFT level 2 will have the same original NFT rarity, if you use 2 NFTs with the different rarity, the NFT level 2 will have the same random rarity as the original NFT that was incorporated into the fusion. Example: Epic level 1 + Epic Level 1 = Epic Level 2, Epic level 1 + Common level 1 = 50% Epic level 2 or Common level 2.
  • Cloning: ​​User can use an original NFT + cloning NFT to create a new NFT with the same rarity as NFT level 1.
  • Transformation: Users can use a original NFT + swap NFT to unlock 1 new NFT of random rarity.
  • In addition, there will be NFTs that increase the success rate of upgrades and NFTs that protect against leveling down. All of the above features cost implementation.

Launching the leaderboard for those who earn the most DKP within 12 days, top 1 will receive 1 box legend (random character, vehicle, weapon), top 19 will receive 1 random box with common, rare, epic rarity (random character, vehicle, weapon of special NFT).

Q: What special features has Dragon Kart prepared for this new racing map version?

A: In the new map, there will be shortcuts, players can take advantage of these tracks to shorten the distance with other racers. Be careful it can be a good choice but also a disadvantage for you.

  • We have introduced a nitro feature that will give players the ability to accelerate after having enough Drift Bar.
  • We’ve improved performance and reduced recoil for cloud item usage.
  • Improved Drift to avoid slipping on the track.

Q: Do you have any plans for a burning mechanism in the future?

A: All fees collected from NFT upgrade will be burned 100%. We will do a weekly burn and will have a specific burn notification to help players understand this information.

Q: How can you increase the liquidity of your NFTs?

A: We will be launching a tournament mode in February, where there will be challenges for players to overcome and win well-deserved prizes. The difficulty will be increased to encourage players to upgrade their NFTs to be able to win. Players will need more NFTs to be able to level up their NFTs higher to be able to overcome challenges and get higher rewards. In the launched PvP mechanism, there will be a lot of competition and great rewards. A stronger NFT, an easier chance to win.

Q: Do you have any plans to expand the marketing activities of Dragon Kart in the future?

A: Yes for sure, right now we are focusing a lot on the product and can bring the PvP mechanism as soon as possible to help users have the wonderful experience of our game. After launching PvP, we will combine with AMA in international communities, spread out in top newspapers, organize Partnership Roads with our beloved partners. Be patient, the PvP will be the biggest update and biggest media campaign we’ll ever do. Thank you for always supporting us in the past and we will not let you down.

Q: My two biggest questions surround cloning and transforming. Can you explain these features in more detail? Will there be different costs to clone different rarity NFTs? It doesn’t seem fair for someone to have to pay 3000 POINT to clone a legendary versus an easy.

For transforming, will the rarity be locked? If I transform an easy NFT will I only be able to get a new easy NFT? If I can transform an easy NFT with the chance to get a legendary for only 500 POINT, it seems to eliminate the reason for paying 1500 POINT for a random NFT. This feature should be used more as a reskin than a reroll.

A: About Cloning: The materials needed to clone the original NFT to create a new NFT are level 1. About Transformation: Materials needed for the player to be able to exchange the original NFT for a new NFT of the same level as the original NFT (with a higher chance of swapping out an NFT with a higher rarity than the original NFT).

For now, we don’t have different prices for cloning NFTs for different rarity. However, please be noted that the higher rarity you have, the more difficult the process will be. There is no guarantee you can clone it successfully, so don’t worry about it.

While transforming, the rarity will be randomly decided. If you transform an easy NFT, you can get a new higher rarity NFT, however, the chance will be quite low. To get a higher chance of owning a higher rarity NFT, you should buy a “lucky charm” to better lock your luck.

Q: What are the values of POINT?

A: POINT (DKP) is a reward that users receive during the game. DKP is not traded on the market, players use DKP to exchange for new NFTs to participate in the game or put them on the marketplace to trade. In addition, DKP is a fee required in the upgrade mechanism of NFTs.

Q: How many exclusive nft combo can be redeemable per account?

A: On January 25th, 2022 we will have a major update on our Marketplace allowing players to use their earned DKP to redeem NFT items, which players can follow in the table below.

Q: How its going to work the KART renting system?

A: The renting system is built by the project to allow NFT owners who do not use NFT to rent out to increase profits from the assets they are holding. The system builds a diverse economic model by allowing players to create their own in-game competitions from MAPs (which are NFTs of racing maps) owned by the players. We are working on that and expect to launch by the end of Q1 2022. Stay tuned!

Q: Will the rewards of PVP and PVC be different?

A: Definitely! This is a very good question, and that is what we have been working on for several months. PVC and PVP are very different at its core, and we are building a reward system which encourages users to play more with us and receive what they deserve.

For PVC, the reward scheme will be quite different from what you have for now. In our new TET map, all rewards will be decided in POINTs, which then allow you to redeem into SPECIAL LIMITED NFT combos, I will leak some images if you are curious ^^

Then, we will together change the reward mechanism for our 3 current maps, in which if you race, you can get both POINTs and KARTs. And, the good news is you can choose the difficulty you want, if you have an easy NFT combo, you don’t really need to race with legendary bot or something. For PVP, we are building the reward mechanism, which will definitely surprise you. But allow me not to reveal it for now. Please keep following us to get the latest updates very soon!

Q: What are the plans for the metaverse road?

A: In the future, we will bring the world of Metaverse with VR AR technology to help bring the best experience in the game for players. Metaverse is our long-term vision and we have to build enough resources to open Metaverse World. Please stay with us and we won’t let you down.

Q: When is it going to release the Android version?

A: Thanks for your question. I bet this is something you guys are looking forward to, and so are we. From our side, the Android version is already ready, but we are not releasing it for now if you only can play versus computer! So boring. So we are planning it to be released when our PVP is ready! Definitely there would be some Beta tests for you if you want.

Q: What are the team’s prospects for the future? With this huge mass of NFTs games coming, does Dragon Kart want to be just one more? Or want to win the top of NFT games?

A: We have worked out some plans for our project in the time to come, including plans for product development, and also users acquisition. For the products, one of our focuses is to release the PVP version, in which players can race against other players. In our timeline, this version will be released in Q1, 2022. So please stay tuned! For now, as the market for games is a bit silent, we are having plans of expanding our team to facilitate the progress, and make use of the market movements in the time to come.

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Dragon Kart is a 3D battle racing game built on the Binance Smart Chain, the characters in the game are taken from a popular Pikalong series by a Vietnamese well-known artist named Thang Fly. Dragon Kart is a NFT game built with Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play mechanism which allow players to have a space to play games, entertain and relieve stress as well as have more chances to earn income while playing game. Gameplay of Dragon Kart is considered as a “arena” of life and death when it requires players to combine their driving skills with the use of individual character skills.

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