5 must watch Indian movies on Netflix

Parched( from left: Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla, Lehar Khan, Tannistha Chatterjee)

Every year there are a handful of brilliant movies produced in India that are neither like the loud, extravagant commercial type nor the silent, slow art-film type.

Movies that run purely based on the strength of the script, screenplay & amazing portrayal of characters.

The commercial movies(read high budget movies with drama, stereotypical songs & action sequence) always create a buzz when they are released worldwide with much fanfare. But, what we actually earn to watch is meaningful cinema where the audience can connect with the characters and don’t feel cheated or stupid for wasting 2–3 hours for low quality entertainment.

For Indians residing outside India it is very difficult albeit impossible to even know the existence of such heartwarming movies; but for Netflix. There are many ‘commercial movies’ too available in Netflix. The following is a list of 5 feel good, heartwarming movies that I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves movies wherein the characters in the movie linger on for much longer than just the duration of the film.

1. Parched
Directed by: Leena Yadav

This film is inspired from the true stories of women in rural Rajasthan. The narration of the film is exceptional in that whilst highlighting the shameful social evils that still tie a women(and never a man) in some parts of rural india; it beautifully portrays the resilient, strong character of women- to move on with life, even if it means to momentarily forget the physical, mental, social torture that they are subject to everyday and have a little fun & laugh with fellow womenfolk.

Lajjo(Radhika Apte), Rani(Tannistha Chatterjee), Bijli(Surveen Chawla), Janaki(Lehar Khan) endure all the insults bestowed on them until they no longer can and decide to break free & escape the village all-together. Watch Parched in Netflix.

2. Dhanak
Directed by: Nagesh Kukunoor

The story revolves around a brother(Chotu) and his older sister(Pari). Chotu is blind; nevertheless full of life. His sister are his eyes and when asked how long before he has to wait to get his eyesight back, Pari replies saying when he turns 9(Chotu is 8 years old now) he would definitely get his eyesight back. Pari idol and filmstar ShahRukh Khan endorses a ‘donate your eyes’ campaign & that poster catches Pari’s attention. The journey that the orphaned siblings embark is a heart-touching one indeed. Does Chotu get his eyesight by his 9th birthday?! Watch yet-another brilliant film by Nagesh Kukunoor in Netflix.

3. 1000 rupee note
Directed by: Shrihari Sathe

An old women receives a 1000 rupee note from a politician during election rally and decides to go shopping. Can there be a more simple subject for a movie?! This film is an example of what makes a heart-touching, successful, meaning cinema- simple story, strong characterization, subtle acting. Watch 1000 rupee note on Netflix Now!

4. Dukhtar
Director: Afia Nathaniel

The story revolves around a mother’s desperate attempt run away from home on the wedding night of her daughter, to save her 10 year old daughter from being married to a old man. Watch Dukhtar(daughter in Urdu)on Netflix.

5. Raman Raghav 2.0
Director:Anurag Kashyap

We don’t really need an introduction for a movie made by Anurag kashyap starring the very talented Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who portrays the character of a serial killer inspired by a infamous serial killer from the 1960s. Just be assured the movie is worth your time. Watch Raman Raghav 2.0 on Netflix right away!

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