Top 10 movies that inspire to cook!

They say a memory in our head might fade with age but not the memory of hundreds of delicious food that brushed against our tongue ever since we learnt to eat!

Just the mention of any of our favorite food brings with it a tale as lovely as a love story that begins with the first eye contact(in the tongue’s case the first spoonful/first sip, the first hug/kiss(the amazing sense of joy when we chew the yummy food) and finally the proposal(the state of nirvana that we attain once we swallow the food!) wherein forgetting all worries, there are just 2 people(the person who prepared the food waiting for approval from the person who eats it)and the blankness surrounding their world waiting anxiously to hear/say the word ‘Yes!’.

Long gone are times when the tongue was considered the only sensory organ synonymous with taste. With the advent of films based on food or on the passion of the people dishing out awesome recipes, the eyes too vie to capture the visual treat of the delicious food presented on the dining table across billions of homes, cafes, bakeries, food-trucks and restaurants of all sizes and shapes.

Here is a list of 10 mouth-watering movies that movie buffs & foodies alike vouch for! A must watch movie list that inspire to cook.

  1. East Side Sushi
    A latino women, smitten by the art of sushi making while working at a Japanese restaurant, contests in a reality TV show aspiring to be a top sushi chef.
  2. Today’s special
     Samir aspires to be a great chef in Paris. Instead, ends up managing his failing family-run Indian restaurant. He knows nothing about Indian cooking and hence seeks the help of Akbar, a multi-faceted NY cab driver who enjoys cooking Indian food. Needless to say the film rides on the strength of the beautiful characterization & essay of the role of Akbar by the legendary actor Naseeruddin shah.
  3. Julie and Julia
     A frustrated office worker, Julie Powell(Amy Adams) wants to write a culinary blog by dishing out all the 524 recipes of Julia Child’s(Meryl Streep) cookbook in 365 days and introduce a new generation to the magic of French cooking.
  4. Haute cuisine
     It literally means high-quality food following the style of traditional French cuisine. It is based on the true story of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch and how she was appointed as the private chef for French president Francois Mitterrand.
  5. Tortilla soup
     It is a comedy film about a retired Mexican-American chef who lives with his three gorgeous, single daughters. This film is inspired by the movie Eat drink Man Women by Ang Lee.
  6. Big Night
     The film revolves around how two brothers running an Italian restaurant in America prepare for the biggest feast of their lifetime to boost the image of their restaurant.
  7. Like water for chocolate
     This film revolves around how a guy, though in love with the younger sister(in a traditional Mexican family, the youngest daughter is forbidden to marry as she is the care-taker of her parents), marries the older sister just to be with his lover living under the same roof.
  8. No reservations
     This film is a hilarious attempt to showcase the challenges of a master chef(Catherine-zeta-Jones) when she is tested both as a aunt to a lovely, energetic 9 year old niece at home & as a chef to a equally talented, handsome, light-hearted sous-chef at work.
  9. Waitress
     This movie is all about a waitress trying to get away from many things but ends up right where she is. She wants to leave a unhappy marriage, wants to open a pie-shop of her own, doesn’t want to fall in love with her doctor while she is pregnant with her husband’s baby. Oh yes! …and her recipes for her unique pies are inspired from the circumstances of her life. The name of all the pies’ she bakes and names are so funny that they linger on for a long time.
  10. Toast
     There are two parts of this movie. Before the death of 9 year old Nigel’s mother, whose toast is the only edible dish on the family dining table. And after her death where Nigel and his step-mother(who comes as a rather sexy cleaner to the house) vie for his father’s attention by churning out delicious dishes.
  11. I am love
     There are some movies whose storyline appear inappropriate and dull. But, the screenplay & the strong portrayal of characters takes it to extraordinary levels. Emma(Tilda Swinton)moves from Russia to Italy after a wealthy Italian(Milanese)businessman proposes to her. She ends up in a passionate affair with a talented, sensuous young chef who is her son’s friend.
  12. Jiro dreams of sushi
     This documentary revolves around Jiro Ono, a master sushi chef and his renowned restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. It documents the insane passion that has driven and still drives this man for 75 years working tirelessly for 16 hours a day!

Ratatouille deserves a special mention too as an animated movie that has stolen the heart of millions through years.

  1. Ratatouille
     This cute hilarious animated movie revolves around how Remy-the rat who aspires to be a great French chef ends up cooking, albeit by the alliance with a kitchen worker, at a restaurant made famous by his culinary hero Auguste Gusteau.

Is there any other movie that has stolen your heart?! Do mention in the comments! Thank you! ‘Heart’ this article so others can read & enjoy too! :)

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