Virtual app that measures women

A women’s heart and mind has long been described as mysterious. It is one of the creations of God that men are yet to learn to completely understand and unravel. A women’s body too seems mysterious enough. We know women and men come in different sizes and shapes. But did you know there are different types of hips and breasts too?! No longer can women be boxed up into a mere 3 categories — small, medium and large size!

Think about all the women that have crossed your life. How different were their hips? You say small, perfect and large?! Nah! wrong again. Hips are classified into 5 categories.

  1. Apple shape
  2. Pear shape
  3. Rectangle
  4. Hourglass and
  5. Inverted triangle

Next are breasts. Something that men love and that women still struggle to find the right size of bra to cover, to semi-cover(or semi-not-cover) or to push-up the breasts! Breasts are (currently) classified into 9 categories.

  1. Asymmetric
  2. Athletic
  3. Bell shape
  4. Relaxed
  5. East west
  6. Round
  7. Side set
  8. Slender and
  9. Tear drop

It is funny yet interesting how technology is getting so accurate and powerful that even at the comforts of our home a mobile phone can be used to calculate our undergarments’/garments’ sizes! Have you used any virtual sizing apps? If yes, how was your experience? What is your take on these new crop of virtual assistant apps? Please comment below.

Originally published at KARTHIKA’s Blog… .