Introduction to UX Design

User Experience Design -

Now as a rookie let’s just start with understanding the primitive elements of UX design where user experience is a part of Front end design where the designer works on improvising the user’s behavior with their products.

As an UX designer your job starts usually with an Research that focuses on relating your company’s products and the user’s needs (in design).

Later acquiring the customer knowledge you will have bucket out to categorize them since not all users are the same.

After the bucketing process your team, consisting of multiple designers plan a rough sketch for the categorized users over just a paper or in an white board.

Next comes the Design war, here each designers your crew performs a healthy war of over their submitted designs, each design would be evaluated by other to bag it’s pros and cons.

The pros of all the submitted designs are piled up to form an hybrid design which gets developed into an prototype.

An UX prototype is usually an wire-frame, which is an black and white skeletal structure of the final product.

Now the wire-frame is tested through a series of usability tests to receives feedback from the user. These feedback could help your team in re improvising your design if needed.

After which the final design is made into specifications and lend to the development team for implementation, in which the enhanced user interface pleases the user and also benefits the product:)

Thanks to Gautham, Arunprakash bros and also to the whole Team of GUVI. ^_^

Stay tuned.

Karthikeyan Partheeban

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