Things to do in the “Zeroth review” of your Final year engineering project

Today (20/10/15) is first time i’am getting into a “Project” development formally,as Our project underwent a “0th Review” today.

As and Individual i have already undergone a certain time period of development process that mostly include Website and Android app Development, but nothing with such a Formal strategy.

0th review usually starts and end with, Domain description and paper selection. As i have already selected my domain as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) , my job was too understand the basics of it such that i could convince the members of the Review Board, that i have a clear knowledge on it.

I started reading about WSN from various Online resources trying myself to end up in current problems that prevail in this Domain, and as a result of valuable time spent i ended up few concluding issues of WSN which are a threat to it’s efficiency, that includes Trust worthiness and Energy consumption issues.

And obviously these got my attention while performing an literature survey from the IEEE Journals suggested by my Project Guide.

I could finally narrow down my search now, the final contents were papers related only to the above mentioned problems.

One of the papers that proposed a efficient technique of applying a Trust protocol which is also aware of energy consumption.

As a Tech lover i have always amazed at proposals that improves current Home automation techniques.

This made me to see Home Automation as a test bed to apply the above specified Trust and energy aware protocol along with few additional enhancements which could probably increase the system’s efficiency on a whole.

The review process was well and good as i clearly experienced the purpose of reviewing.

Such gatherings to discuss about a product delivers you with a wide scope that serve you very handy.

My next goal is to derive a Clear Proposal of a Problem Statement that i’am about to solve with my project.

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Stay tuned, :)

Karthikeyan Partheeban