Take this motivation pills daily.

Take these pills daily.

Did your well wisher prescribe you the motivation pills ?Are you still looking for motivation to perceive your dreams?

Oh I guess you are taking the wrong pills and looking in the wrong place.

Let me Enlighten you .

Motivation needs to be iterating in your mind every second to nudge your limits and explore your capabilities. Everyone can find temporary motivation but holding it tight till the marathon ends is complicated. Once you loose it, the same process begins again. This article would assist you to find your motivation and keep yourself fighting to reach your aspiring victory.

My first complicated question for you is “Who are you?”

It’s an odd question to ask oneself in the middle of the marathon. Before you step on the start line you should define yourself , what kind of person you are . Are you a self motivator , Are you a person who looks for external motivation , Are you person who gets motivated from sources , Are you a person who never look for motivation.

Situations change drastically , We do not stay in any specific above mentioned boundary for a long time , we switch our motivation seeking practices and explore new ways as tougher the challenges we encounter.

As we look for new options , we are deviating from one effective motivational execution. That’s a good choice but evaluating one particular motivational approach is important. Having one effective method counts higher than multiple average methods. So Stick to one effective motivational practice.

Good news, you have one good motivational approach that perfectly suits your personality. Next step is to embed this hack in your mind. Start talking to your mind saying that nothing can break you down, no matter how hard the journey is you can move ahead with this motivational hack as a savior. Every morning should start with this exercise. You are building your mental fitness to fight against your challenges that are constantly trying to break you down.

Never get afraid about the challenges, embrace it happily. Challenges can make or break you. Either use it to make you better or learn from it but never let it to break you . They are the opportunity that take you to the next phase of your achievements. Never let others to make judgment on your capabilities.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Muhammad Ali