Symbolized and Simplified

An elevator pitch is a very short persuasive speech that only lasts about two minutes. These pitches have to be carefully planned out because you only have a short amount of time to make a huge impact on your audience. It is important to grab your audience's attention right away with a catchy slogan or idea. The goal of an elevator pitch is to provide your audience with enough information to get them to say “yes!” to your pitch.

Let’s Symbolize and Simplify Our Work Email Inbox

  • Introduce Yourself and Presentation Situation:

Hi, my name is Kasey Hjort and I am a student assistant in the UMD Office of Student Conduct. Thank you for allowing me to speak at our staff meeting today. I am very excited to share my idea about how we can simplify our work email inbox.

  • Get Attention:

I am proposing that we start using the symbols/stars feature in our work email account. By doing this, we can symbolize and simplify our inbox.

  • Explain Offer and Value Proposition:

Recently, there has been a lot of confusion about why there have been so many emails in the inbox and what needs to be done with them. Have they been answered? Do the attached documents need to be uploaded? Has this background check been completed? We all have been wasting the first half an hour of our shift just going through emails that have already been opened. By using the stars and symbols feature we can simplify our inbox. Each of the symbols could have a specific meaning. This way everyone will be informed and can save time at the beginning of their shift. By doing this, our inbox will be organized and everyone (including the supervisors) will be in the loop about what is going on by just glancing at the symbols.

  • Describe Benefits; Counter Objections:

By implementing this new way of organization, all employees will save time at the beginning of their shift. They will be up to speed by just glancing at the subject line in the inbox. We can add the meaning of each symbol and star to our manual, so the email account will stay consistent no matter who is monitoring it that day. I am suggesting that we start using this feature to not only simplify our inbox, but to also simplify our time spent at work.

  • Call to Action:

By implementing the use of the stars and symbols feature in our gmail account sooner rather than later, we can eliminate the amount of time wasted and the frustration at the beginning of our shifts. Are you ready to symbolize and simply our email inbox?

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