Jobs I’d like to work

So i did some online research about modern jods and jons that people had to do in the past. if i had to choose work from the past i think i would choose knocker-up because it is not the worst job from past. In this line of work you have to knock on people’s windows untill they woke up and were ready for theirs jobs. But it’s not as sumple as it may sound, trust me. Once i had to wake my cousin up , who definitely not a morning person and i couldn’t do it even after like thirty phone calls.

If we talk about present time, i’d like to be a foreign language teacher because i think, it job always has a lot of fun. During the study of learning a new language we can use and do many things like watch movies, sing songs and etc. Job of teachers of others subjects don’t compare with it. I feel sorry for math teachers because almost nobody understand math. If someone made a mistake at a foreign language class, it usually turns out in something funny, but mistakes in math, physics and so on turns out only in PAIN (just kidding, but still).

Also i’d like to be a geoscientist or an astronomer or an ecologist because this jobs are connected with nature and i like nature. it’s always interesting to learn something new about out planet and galaxy in general. Likewise, i think job of the ecologist is very important because we need to protect the earth from ourselves otherwise, in the worst case, we’re all gonna die.

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