Be it any girl and I mean it, there is always something that sets them apart from a guy. There are countless qualities they possess which a man doesn’t. You can start from anywhere, the way they talk, walk, smile, laugh, joke, hate and what not. I mean there will be something which a man will lack in always. They say it is a male dominated society, it is may be, but as we look back into history it provides us with enough evidences that a man cannot help but fall prey to the beauty, the persona of a woman. Even Adam fell for the trap and ate the fruit given by Eve, who in turn was fooled by the serpent, which he wasn’t supposed to. From time immemorial man has been fooled by them. I’m sure god must have been biased while creating the humans. He must have used a few ingredients more when he would have created woman, grace, sophistication, elegance to name a few. You do not expect these in a man. There a few things that we can just feel about but cannot describe. This is one of them. Man robotically gets himself corrected when he sees a woman. He’ll gather up himself, straighten up his spine, put a smile on his face and try to act sophisticatedly. You know it is just inbuilt. Woman has always been a man’s weakness. Hearts itself skips a beat when there’s a beautiful woman around, and by beauty here I mean charisma, and not just physical appeal. Woman has always been a topic of poets and storytellers. A large chunk of an artist’s imagination goes to them. The moment you hear a woman’s voice after a tough day the frame of mind gets cheered up. Man will always be keen to look forward to the woman in his life, to talk to her, to touch her, to be with her. That woman could be anyone, mother, a friend, girlfriend or wife. Mere the touch of her hand is enough to ease him. He can feel the comforting warmth in her hug; he could just be like that, forever. A man cannot live without a woman. But at the end he always ends up being fooled because he likes it that way. He likes to be fooled. He won’t mind and will act dumb just to be with her because she is the light of her life, an inseparable part of him; he needs her to love and to be loved in return. A need, a habit whatever she is, she is meant to be in his world. Yes, she is.

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