But, What About Kashmiri Pandhits

The most used argument by almost every Indian against a Kashmiri crying out the abuses and the oppression he has faced by the hands of Indian army and asking for Azadi (freedom) is “but, you Kashmiri Muslims drove out Kashmiri Pundits and now you want Azadi, what about them”. Now I am not saying that it is not a valid argument. It indeed is a very valid argument. Infact it is so valid that to have this argument, an entire community was asked to leave Kashmir by a country they still consider their own. That is my assumption that I would like to prove here. I know that it may sound stupid to some (that is okay) and outrageous to some (that is not okay), but then read till the end to know why I tend to believe like that (no judgements of any sort though).

It is so important to look at the things objectively here. Let’s imagine a scenario where Kashmiri Pundits had not left and were as much a part of Kashmir today as they were before 1990. How different would the things be right now?

There would be no communal paint on Kashmir’s freedom struggle.

There would be no valid reason for India to delay (leave aside denying) Kashmir a referendum.

There would be no way to oppress Kashmiris the way India is doing.

As I told above that I am not judging whether Kashmiri Pundits left because they were thrown out by Kashmiri Muslims or that they became victims of Indian conspiracy. I was 2 years old when that happened, so I am not a witness, but it is important to ask this question that who benefitted the most from their exodus?

Obviously Kashmiri Muslims didn’t. Our freedom struggle got a bad name, our oppressor got a reason to install its million strong army in and around our homes. India got a valid reason to delay the referendum and 1 billion Indians got the “But, what about Kashmiri Pundits” argument to play with every single time for the past 26 years now.

Think about it that way.

That’s one.

Further as a Kashmiri I accept that throwing stones on army against their bullets is a futile exercise and we cannot win a battle with stones against a 1.5 million strong army. We cannot win it on social media also against a 1 billion nation. For God’s sake there are nearly 40 times more beggars in India than there are Kashmiris. I accept these two facts. But don’t forget who got India its freedom. A half naked man with a white shawl on his weak shoulders and skinny legs. If might was what got people freedom, then India should have never got it. Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of partition that needs to be solved.

Now further before you as an Indian put forth this “what about Kashmiri Pundits” argument and accuse Kashmiris of ethnic cleansing. I would want some answers from all of you who go around talking like that about Kashmiri Pandits without actually knowing much

Why didn’t Kashmiri Muslims fight Kashmiri Pundits for 700 years until 1989. Because apparently Muslims didn’t pop up in kashmir in 1989. They were there since 13th century. Why?

Okay, we are wrong, we are islamists who want to kill all the kafirs, right?. How are some pandits still living in Kashmir? How are Sikhs living in Kashmir and with love and nobody has every touched them?

Yes, 219 pandits were killed by militants in early 1990s. But why do you forget 50,000 Kashmiri Muslims were dead by 1994. Did anyone ever tell you that. Why were they killed?

Why is murder of 219 pandits an ethnic cleansing and the murder of 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims “spreading the democracy”, Why?

Have you ever googled papa-II?

Leave everything else and tell me when in 1993 in Mumbai 900 Muslims were butchered by shiv sena and Balthakre, why didn’t Muslims leave Maharashtra? Why was balthakre given a national funeral?

When in 2002, thousands of Muslims were butchered, why didn’t Muslims leave Gujarat?

Why did pandits leave from Kashmir when 219 of them were killed and not Muslims from Maharashtra and Gujarat. Why?

You simply cannot answer those questions. You can try and distort facts and lie, but you cannot answer these questions.

Okay, let me answer these for you instead. You know why Muslims didn’t leave from Maharashtra and Gujarat but pandits did from Kashmir? Because Muslims of Maharashtra and Gujarat didn’t have a Nation of one billion to welcome them and nobody was there to arrange buses for them in the midst of the night and you know that. All of the KPs know that too and most of them are so tired of their cause getting used by sanghis for their political motives.

Please mind that this is in no way to justify what happened with pandits. I as a grown up Kashmiri Muslim still share a part of that burden of my parents and grandparents not doing enough to not to let pandits leave when that unfortunate night was brought upon them. I am sorry for that. We all are, but then that is not all there is to the story of Kashmiri pandits. I was 2 years old when Pandits left. Still I have never seen peace all my life. I was used as a human shield by Indian army. My friend in college was killed and labelled as a terrorist. One of my close relatives was abducted and never returned back and I am someone who has been least affected in Kashmir. Least. Open up your eyes and see the truth and don’t let jingoism guide you through life.

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