India, Leave our Paradise: A poem

Oh Kashmir! you unfortunate paradise

Yet again are you burning, but not to their surprise.

For while they have got a lot of evil plots to devise

Little do they know everything they do, will for ever be imprecise.

Their armory, propaganda and their evil murdering exercise

Our stones, our wails, our blood and all our sacrifice.

Why forsake your own history instead of taking an advice

Why forget British cats that hunt your ancestors like mice.

Go India go back, go India go back, we say that twice

Everything will stay ours, our valleys our mountains with gigantic caps of ice.

Your ideas of Kashmir an integral part are so very unwise

We have persisted, we will persist in our paradise.

And this another one is a reply to all those who call every Kashmiri a “terrorist” for fighting for his share of freedom as if India never was a British colony. The Indian masses that take pride when their army fights insurgents in Kashmir and many die in the process, but forget the 100,000 dead Kashmiris who were murdered by the bullets bought by the tax that they pay and forget to address the real problem that could have saved the life of both innocent Kashmiris and Indian army men:

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