Kashmir, the problem: A viable solution

Imagine a delicate rope that has been knotted so much that every day for 70 years a new knot was inscribed into it. How would you feel about untying every single knot on the rope and making the spaghetti straight again. I as an ordinary Kashmiri think about the Kashmir problem every single day of my life and I think it is actually possible to have a viable solution to Kashmir issue, a solution that offers all the parties involved something better than the status quo. I know Indian’s will be like, that’s unacceptable, but believe me peace in South-Asia is too big a reward for too small a compromise on your ego. India is the one committing all sorts of human rights violations in Kashmir. India is the one that has taken a U-turn on its promise of Right to Self determination for Kashmir. India is the one who ignores Kashmir problem, India ignores the millions of people protesting for a normal life in Kashmir. Therefore as a transgressor India can start with the following:

1. Stop calling Kashmir an “integral part” and accept the truth by recognizing its disputed nature

2. Scrap AFSPA, this is the most inhuman law that a state can use to oppress people to the worst possible extent. There is no place for this law anywhere in the world, leave aside world’s largest democracy using it. And for Gods sake this law was introduced by British to suppress Quit India movement (then called Armed Forces Special Powers Ordinance). What does that tell about the India’s relationship with Kashmir.

3. Remove army from the civil areas completely.

4. Allow people to protest peacefully for Kashmiris have seen blood shed for too long now and they deserve to decide their own future.

For long term solution: Both India and Pakistan have to withdraw their armies and a referendum has to be held to let people decide what they want to do with their future and their land.

As far as status quo is concerned, it is the worst possible scenario for everyone. Kashmir is divided into bits and pieces and India is oppressing the people in the most inhuman way possible. Pakistan wants the other part of the Kashmir as well and is at war with India all the time. India has to deal with Pakistan and angry Kashmiris and their demand for right to self determination. Indian army men and innocent Kashmiris are dying everyday.

A better situation than status quo will be if India keeps Ladakh and Jammu (except Rajouri Poonch, Kishtwar and Doda) and abandons the rest of the Kashmir and lets them do whatever they desire with that piece of land. There would be no loss of life as a few districts of Jammu and Ladakh seem to be happy with India. Kashmiris will be happy for getting what they always wanted. Pakistan will either be happy or unhappy depending upon what Kashmiris decide to do, but that should not matter for India

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