Bernie Sanders’ new low: troubling news from Puerto Rico and California

I know that Hillary Clinton has locked in the nomination. But it is important that her supporters and especially her campaign get answers about what happened in PR and it’s happening in CA.

Bernie Sanders demands that Hillary Clinton gives him many concessions. Hillary supporters are constantly asked to be gracious in victory and nice to Bernie supporters.

But Hillary Clinton campaign can’t possibly ask us to be forthcoming when Bernie Sanders campaign and supporters constantly disrespect us, intimidate us and try to rig caucus/primary/state convention outcomes.

Puerto Rico

First, Sanders operatives stole two ballot boxes. They have been eventually returned, but we have no assurances that the ballots haven’t been tampered with.

It has been reported by The Hill.

Apparently, that alone wasn’t enough to rig the election for Bernie Sanders. His campaign requested that the number of polling places would be reduced. For reasons unknown to me this request was granted.


The situation in CA is even worse. Just days before CA primary Bernie Sanders operatives have been caught sending fraudulent texts to CA voters. The text implicitly said that Hillary Clinton will be indicted and possibly incarcerated! This is appalling and qualifies as libel. I hope Clinton campaign will take a legal action against this blatant misinformation.

Edit: Of course, it’s hard to proof if the campaign sanctioned the text. But Sanders campaign signed in 50,000 volunteers to write these personalized texts. Maybe it’s just some rogue element. But the indictment narrative is constant on social media, so it’s not like we haven’t heard it before.

Like I said, Sanders demands concessions from Hillary Clinton. Her supporters are asked to positively engage supporters of the losing candidate. But it’s difficult for us to reach out to them. They constantly attack us by hurling insults, spreading right-wing conspiracies and impugning Hillary Clinton integrity.

What happened this weekend is the new low. We really need Hillary Clinton campaign to reassure us that they know about this unacceptable behavior and that this situation is being handled. This is really important to us, as we’ve only received harassment and abuse from Bernie supporters.

Bernie Sanders campaign, operatives, supporters have disrespected us over and over again. Their behavior in CA and PR is absolutely not acceptable. Hillary Clinton campaign needs to act. Please do this for all of us, especially those who have been loyal Hillary supporters for twenty years.

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