The Basic Income and Job Guarantees are Complementary, not Opposing Policies.
Brad Voracek

Maximum Social Security benefit is $2600. Would your UBI pay that much?

I’ll never support libertarian UBI — your goal is to shrink the government. I like the government: it over proportionally employs women and minorities and steps in when the private sector drops the ball.

You guys really love big government when it bails out big corporations, but not when it employs, feeds or provides housing.

It would also help if you understood what JG proponents are really saying. You must live in a bubble if you don’t realize how much work is to be done in this country. From pharmaceutical research to green energy infrastructure to child care — there are probably millions of jobs that the government could create. JG has never been about work for the sake of work. It’s about solidarity and creating a better future for next generations.

UBI would serve my personal interest. But JG would help those who need it most.