President Obama Strikes Back

Damon Winter/NY Times

Today President Obama released his first statement since leaving office. But other than that, the President is resting. Regrouping.

Because if you really think he’s going away, or that Donald Trump — I refuse to refer to him as “President,” because he’s not worthy of that title — if you really think the Donald “won,” that he’s going to destroy all things Obama?

You’ve got another thing coming.

Donald Trump won the Presidency by a minority of the vote, and is making enemies everywhere he goes.

President Obama left office with a record high approval rating, and still has friends — loyal friends — real friends, across the world.

Donald Trump is getting old(er). He’s fat and bloated and needs Steve Bannon and a tanning booth to look what he thinks is presentable (in addition to his closet full of cheap, self-designed Chinese suits).

But President Obama is still relatively young and somewhere, right now, he is plotting. Because while Trump was born into money and got to “the top” by screwing people over? By not paying his bills? By dodging the draft and doing all things disreputable? President Obama became the respected leader of the free world and inspired an entire generation — and future generations — on his wits alone. His daddy didn’t get him into Harvard or Colombia, he himself did. He himself came from nothing and became President and has a legion of loyal supporters in this country and others, something that doesn’t just take guts, but smarts. President Obama is one of the great minds of our time, if not all time.

Right now though, he’s resting. Probably writing. And definitely plotting.

It’s hard to think he doesn’t have a personal copy of Trump’s tax returns. Will he leak them? It’s hard to think President Obama does not have or will not be given damaging intel on Trump. Will he distribute it?

President Obama is a diplomat. He’s respectful, and he has class, but: He’s also a Lion, and when he’s ready, he will come roaring back.

Until then, the legion of Americans still loyal to him — the majority of the voters in this country — The Resistance, as we call ourselves, will hold the fort. We will Resist Trump and his agenda at every turn. We will piss him off and trip him up and President Obama will watch and maybe even laugh from the shadows as he secretly guides the leaders among us.

President Obama forever inspired a legion of us. And somewhere, his rightful successor is among us, building strength, slowly rising. Forward. Upward.

But President Obama isn’t done. He’ll be back. New, and improved, and sooner or later along with The Resistance we’re going to finish the job and crush Trump once and for all — together.

Because, Trump didn’t really “win” the election. Hillary lost it. And except for his most delusional supporters, in time, when things start going South — and honestly, they kind of already have — everyone will see Trump for the lying conman he is. A cheap, dangerous crook and wannabe dictator/serial-bankrupter trying to game the American people and profit off their misery.

Which will only serve President Obama’s legacy.

Which will only make him shine brighter and his platform stronger, and from that platform? President Obama will re-emerge. Stronger and wiser than ever. He will stand tall on it, a champion of humanity, and all of those he inspired will continue to rise with him as Trump falls to the bowels of impeachment.

Of disgrace.

Maybe even imprisonment.

With his erratic, unhinged behavior and a cabinet resembling a clown car, Donald Trump’s fall is inevitable. But President Obama’s legacy will only grow stronger. More legendary. Because President Obama, the Lion, the Leader? Don’t worry. He’s just biding his time. And a new, improved, stronger version of him will re-emerge and STRIKE BACK when he’s ready.

Until then: #RESIST.