Yes We Marched.

(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Yes We Marched.

But not all for the same reasons. So before you message me — or anyone — saying that we were wasting our time, that we’re crying or whining or dividing the country — or whatever message you write revealing your hypocrisy — don’t rush to judgement. Don’t base your opinions off whatever your pundits tell you or the short clips you saw on TV.

If you love America, then talk to us. Talk to me. The people on the ground and try to heal our divide by trying to understand why we marched if you really feel that we were wrong to express our right to free speech.

But, understand that we marched legally. Peacefully. And that we love our country, and each other, because, this wasn’t just about women in America — we gathered in millions and stood in solidarity the world over.

But not all for the same reasons.

Yes, I marched to let my nieces and women and little girls everywhere know that I’ve got their back. To inspire them and remind them that they’re Powerful.

But also to stand in solidarity with people of color, of disability, of religions different than me, to let them know that I stand with them in Solidarity, that I support Equality, for everyone, no matter how different than me.

I didn’t just march for women who’ve been sexually harassed, or assaulted.

I marched for everyone who came before.

For everyone who made this march possible.

I marched for Dr. King.

I marched for Rosa Parks.

I marched for the Black Panthers, for the Young Lords, for the Abolitionists, for everyone who ever fought in any justified Resistance.

But also to remind Donald Trump and every elected official — not just Republican, but Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, whatever —

That we are watching them.

That we are mobilized, organized, ENERGIZED.

And that if they don’t do what we want?

What the people demand?

We, the people, especially those of us who won the popular vote — the majority of the vote — will vote them out of office.

This past weekend we exercised what makes our country Great:

The First Amendment. We exercised our right to Free Speech, what our Democracy is built on.

But not just for us. For everyone across the planet who doesn’t have that right.

Personally? I marched for everyone who lived in terror in Nazi Germany. I marched for everyone who lives in terror in North Korea. And I damn sure marched for everyone who lives in terror in the Middle East to let them know that I, that we’ve got their back, and we support their right to be free.

But primarily?

Again: I marched for Dr. King. I marched for Rosa Parks. I marched for John Lewis, and frankly, for President Barack Obama.

I marched for everyone who came before and will come after me.

I marched for The Resistance.