How to update your Kaspersky antivirus?

Kaspersky antiviruses frequently upgrade its software, in order to keep in touch with the latest technology. To take advantage of it, you will need to timely update your Kaspersky antivirus. This will help your to experience new features, smooth functioning, and many other benefits. We have provided your few instructions to timely update your Kaspersky antivirus. These steps are thoroughly arranged by our highly talented technicians, who have years of working experience in the respective field. You can also contact Kaspersky Support NZ to get any type of technical support on call. Our technical experts are always available to assist you.

Following are the steps:

Steps1- Initially, you will need to open your Kaspersky antivirus by double-clicking on Kaspersky window.

Step2- After that, you will see three option there namely, my protection, scan my computer, my update center and security .+

Step3- To start the procedure first you will need to check the setting of your update Kaspersky antivirus by click on “Setting” button from the upper right-hand side of the Kaspersky window.

Step4-Afterware, click on “My Update Center” to open update section.

Step5- once you will click on it, you can see the run mode that gives you description on how the update will be delivered that will show that the update will do automatically.

Step6- you can change the run mode by clicking on the “Setting” button and can set it on “Manually” or by “Schedule”.

Step7-Afterward click on “My Update Center” to start the update.

Step8-Thereafter to process the update you click on “Start Update Button”.

Step9- Wait for few minutes until it will finish.

Step10- After the update will be done, you can see the date base status to check that the update is up to date and the release date is current.

Step11- At the last step, you just close the Kaspersky window and can see that Kaspersky has been updated.

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