Being rich is not only about how much money you make; it is also related to how you think about your spending habits some of which can be really harmful to your wallet, mind, and general lifestyle. This is why it is important to purchase stuff that enhances your life in some way and avoid the ones that are damaging it. In this piece, I am going to share with you 7 items that I no longer purchase (or purchase very seldom) in my 20s that have improved both my financial and mental health. Are you ready?

#7 Streaming and Gaming Services

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Nowadays, it is so easy to buy stocks online through online brokers. In some cases, it has become terrifyingly easy to buy individual stocks for a novice investor. The general advice for new investors is to stick with more diversified and less risky investment assets such as ETFs. Stocks are never meant to be traded for short periods of time as they do tend to be volatile. There is a saying from Warren Buffet that reads:

If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minute

Which makes a…

Three ETFs to benefit from the changing economy and new technologies

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In this article, we are going to talk about ETFs that I think will be a great add-on for the portfolio of an investor looking to benefit from an economic recovery after the pandemic. But please do remember that I am not a financial advisor and this is just my personal experience when it comes to analyzing and purchasing these ETFs; so do your own research before making any investments.

Vanguard Health Care ETF (Ticker Symbol: VHT)

Expense Ratio and Fund Composition Analysis

Vanguard ETFs are one of my favorites as they have been around for a very long time. They usually have more favorable costs…

The complete beginner's guide to understanding ETFs

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Imagine that instead of buying a lot of different stocks and getting yourself confused, you can buy just a single one that reflects the average gain of all the individual stocks.

And as it turns out, you can do that using ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

ETFs are a type of investment that is meant to track —

  • An index that represents a portion of the financial market like the S&P 500 Index that represents the 500 largest US companies
  • A sector or industry in the economy that could be either local or more global like MSCI World Energy Index
  • A commodity…

It seems like everybody is talking about NFTs lately. Maybe you have seen one of these headlines lately in news.

Nyan Cat Sold For $590,000

Punk 6965 Sold For $1.54M

Collage of 5000 Pieces of Beeple’s Work Sold For $69M

After seeing the above digital items and how much there were sold for, you might rightfully ask:

“Who in their right mind would pay for such items when they can easily be copied or redistributed?”

We try to answer this question to some extent; nobody can answer it 100% correctly because the majority of people are…

Bitcoin has been on the radar lately due to its sudden increase in value in 2020. There are people who follow it like a religion and swear by its name, there are also people who dismiss its value and think bitcoin is in a bubble, and there are folks who are neutral about it.

I personally think there is value in understanding smart investor’s take on different investment opportunities like bitcoin and one of these people is Mark Cuban. …

Beginner investors always struggle with the overload of information when it comes to investing. Are you a beginner investor and feel the same? Well, I cannot blame you. But I think more than any tools or information, it is the right mindset that you need to adopt from the beginning. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about here.


This piece is for you if you are not looking to quickly get rich but rather build your investment foundation and financial well-being correctly. Since we will be talking about general and helpful tips that should…

Covid has financially impacted almost everyone; both rich and poor. But it is the smartest investors who know how to turn something negative into a positive, and Warren Buffet is definitely one of them. Join me in reviewing and analyzing some of Warren Buffet’s advice on investing in Covid time.

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See opportunity when others see the problem

The pandemic has financially affected Warren Buffet, his holding company (Berkshire Hathaway) as well many of his other businesses (for example Dairy Queen as the retail world took a hit because of the pandemic). But even with that, Berkshire has reported a significant increase in their net profit. …

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What is the problem?

For some reason, I always thought that I need an expert to make investment decisions for me. Investing seemed too complicated from the outside; so it felt completely logical to have someone more experienced pick stocks and funds on my behalf.

I clearly remember the first call I had with a financial consultant at my bank. I was around twenty years old and had some savings that I wanted to invest. Calling and asking my bank for help seemed like the most obvious choice. …


Did school ever teach you anything about the stock market?

Do you remember anyone telling you the basics of investing in this market?

It’s pretty normal to feel confused and even intimidated when you see yourself face an ocean of knowledge and information. But guess what? You’re not alone! You may feel helpless and frustrated at first, but you’re NOT.

Whether you’re a bookworm or a podcast fan, whether you want to read or to watch, there’s always something you can find that will help you find your way to hustle.

In this blog, I’m gonna talk about the ultimate…


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