How to Become a Fit Mama in 5 Simple Steps

With my first pregnancy, I gained 55 pounds.

With my second pregnancy, I gained 65 pounds.

With my third pregnancy, I gained 45 pounds.

And… every time I gained all of that hot fudge sundae, pretend-like-you-can-eat-anything-you-want-but-still-have-to-take-all-that-weight-home-with-you weight, I had to do the hard work of taking the weight off.

And, somehow, I never got tired of the see saw… UNTIL last year.

My third child was 9 (far too many years beyond the “I can’t seem to lose the baby weight” excuse). I was building an online business, sitting day in and day out in front of a computer, eating crap and feeling like crap. I was tired all the time… and then the moment happened. I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

So I decided to prep for a fitness competition… and, almost a year later, I’m still prepping for that same fitness competition. Now 60 pounds lighter and 2/3 of the way to the goal, I still have another 30 pounds to lose and the journey is still tough.

But I’m determined to become the fit mama I was when I was badass personal trainer in my late 20s.

I want to give every mama out there hope that there is life after gaining 60+ pounds during pregnancy… even if that pregnancy was ten years ago. To lose the 60 pounds I’ve lost in the last nine months, here’s what I’ve done (and will keep doing to get off the remaining 30)… in 5 simple steps.

1. Decide

Decide that your’e going to get fit NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.

Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it.

Decide that you’ll find a way to make it work (kids’ schedules, picky eaters, family outings at Pizza Pie Cafe).

Decide that you’re going to find a way to make your fitness work with your family and your life.

Here’s a great podcast interview with Natalie Jill who lost 60 pounds after a painful divorce and is now a super successful mompreneur, over 40, and, yes, has six pack abs. Check out the podcast HERE.

2. Visualize

What do you want your body to look like?

Visualize what you want your body to look like. Visualize what you imagine your body is capable of. Be realistic in what you want. That doesn’t mean don’t go for six pack abs but ask yourself “What body do I want? What body would look best on my frame? Why do I want that body?” and then create a vision board that has pictures of that body all over the place.

I love a look that is more muscular, toned and that’s my preference.

This is a pic of my ideal form for my body and it’s Gina Carano, who’s now an actress but was an MMA fighter. I’m not there yet but I’m not stopping until I get my body there.

3. Prioritize

Put your fitness at the top of your priority list… period.

Make it life or death… because it is.

Your ability to physically function, feel great and take care of your family has a lot to do with the health of your body.

You have to frame the attainment of your fitness level in such a way that it becomes life or death to you in terms of getting it in on a day to day basis. You have to explain to yourself why you becoming a fit mama is a requirement for your family, your health, and your relationships. You have to tell yourself what painful things will occur if you don’t make your fitness a priority and you need to reinforce that every single day.

4. Schedule Your Fitness at the Right Time For You AND Your Family

If you’re not a morning person, you need to put the kids to bed earlier so you can get your exercise in at night. If you’re a morning person, you need to decide the minimum number of hours of sleep you require to get up early enough to exercise. You may have to change your family’s schedule so everybody’s needs get met.

There are certain exceptions to this. If you have a newborn, you’re on that baby’s schedule. If you have a high schooler and he/she is on a track or swim team, you’re going to have to figure out how to work out around your child’s schedule. However, if you’ve got the usual carpool, PTA, soccer mom tasks, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your fitness into any of those activities.

5. Move for AT LEAST 10 minutes every two hours six days out of the week.

There are so many YouTube videos that you can do in 15 minutes or less. Set your timer on your phone to go off every two hours. Get up and get moving for at least ten minutes. Here are a series of YouTube workout videos that are amazing (NOTE: Check with your physician to get approval to do ANY kind of exercise before you engage in any form of exercise):

  1. Brazilian Booty Burn
  2. Tracy Anderson’s Mat Arms
  3. Tony Horton MMA
  4. Laura London Bodacious Booty Workout
  5. Laura London Standing Abs
  6. Tiffany Rothe Booty Shaking Ab Workout
  7. 30 Day Leg and Butt Shaper Workout

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Kassandra Vaughn is an author, writer’s coach and podcaster originally from Danbury, Connecticut. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Vassar College, an MBA in Human Resource Management from Auburn University, and an M.Ed in Instructional Design from Western Governors University. She lives in the beautiful state of Utah.