Yes, you can build an online business for $0. Here’s how…

Lack of money…

A poor excuse lots of wantrepreneurs use for not starting an online business.

Here’s the deal: You CAN build AND succeed with an online business at any time with almost any product or service you choose with ZERO dollars invested as long as you have two things: 1) Demand and 2) Time.

There has to be a demand for your product or service that isn’t currently being filled and you have to use a lot of your own time and energy to compensate for a lack of money and resources.

If you’ve been using the no money to start a business excuse, stop it right now.

Here are the steps to starting your online business with no money (HINT: Start the business today!):

Step 1: Pick the right product and/or service.

Pick a product/service to sell that: 1) You’re an expert in, 2) Has a high demand and unmet need for, 3) Can be delivered well online, 4) Has a niche or target audience for that product/service that you can easily reach online

Step 2: Select a name for your company and product/service.

Do not spend too much time on this. Yes, at some point, you’ll have to do all the business legal setup of creating a DBA, bank accounts, etc. and that will cost money in the future. For right now, decide on a name and keep in mind that this is simply your first business. You will not be in this business forever and, even if you are, you will rebrand many times and will change the names of your products/services and probably your company name as well.

Step 3: Start a Paypal account.

Go to and start a PayPal account so you have a way to receive payment. It’s free.

Step 4: Design and publish your website for free using or Wix.

Yes it will be online as soon as you enter in the content and hit ‘Publish.’ No, you won’t have a simple, easy to remember domain name unless you pay money for it. For right now, don’t get hung up on domain names. You can always create a shortened url link to your site using or tinyurl. Once you start making money, you can reinvest that money into the business and buy a domain name.

Step 5: Create a Facebook Fan Page and link it to your personal Facebook page.

Check out my personal Facebook page at Do you see the way my header points to my online course (Achieve One Dream) and the way it says Founder at ‘Achieve One Dream’? All of those things link anyone looking at my personal FB page to my business. It’s free publicity, promotion and a way to build my brand… and creating that is absolutely FREE! Be sure that anyone who sees your personal FB profile is able to learn about your business right then and there.

Step 6: Start an Instagram, Twitter and Periscope account.

Decide how much time you’ll spend on each platform and build a consistent schedule for posting and streaming.

Step 7: Sign up for HARO.

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. When you sign up at, you receive daily emails that will let you know about marketing, publicity, interview and article feature opportunities that can help you stand out as an expert in your industry. The daily flood of emails from HARO gets annoying but it if gains you media exposure and more customers, it’s worth it.

Step 8: On a daily basis, complete your sales and marketing activities FIRST.

Even before social media time, you need to focus all of your time and attention on sales and marketing activities. Whether that’s facilitating a webinar, live streaming on Periscope, answering questions at or writing guest blog posts, whatever is going to bring you in customers and make you money, that’s where the first 3–4 hours of your business day needs to be spent.

Step 9: Find local, live opportunities to speak for free and build your local audience.

Even though you’re building an online business, there’s nothing that will build your email list or tribe faster than face-to-face contact with your target audience. Whether it’s at a local library or during a professional group’s monthly meeting, find any and every venue to speak. Facilitate free workshops as much as you can. Throughout your talk, offer massive value and lead people to your opt in pages and email lists. In this way, you’ll keep the line of communication open long after the face-to-face time is over.

Step 10: Don’t ease up on your daily massive action... EVER.

Don’t stop working consistently persistently EVER… Even when you’re making consistent revenue, the key to sustaining and building an even better business lies in your work ethic. Taking daily massive action, in this way, becomes the norm, not the exception. Stay the course and don’t get lazy.

None of these 10 steps are rocket science.

Not one of them is a secret.

But most of them are actions very few wantrepreneurs are willing to do persistently, consistently over time.

Don’t be a part of that herd.

If you want a successful online business, you CAN have it IF you’re willing to work for it for as long as it takes. Are you willing?

What are you waiting for?

Get to work…

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Kassandra Vaughn is an author, writer’s coach and podcaster originally from Danbury, Connecticut. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Vassar College, an MBA in Human Resource Management from Auburn University, and an M.Ed in Instructional Design from Western Governors University. She lives in the beautiful state of Utah.