American Dreamer

Hello Friends! This is my first blogging experience! Truth be told- I thought I would never blog in my life, but oddly enough here I am! I want my blogs to reflect me for any and all to see. Let the fun begin!

Recently, I’ve read a couple of articles about fake news. What is fake news? It is pretty self-explanatory- stories that are not true. This topic is not something I would think about whenever I have free time, but this subject of interest has been mentioned several times this past week. I cannot help but think about why the importance.

One of the articles I have read was about a teen, Dimitri, who lives in a town called Macedonia of Veles. In this article, Dimitri is being interviewed about his growing wealth because of his job. He produces fake news to Americans about America and makes loads of money! Whoa! It is mind blowing to think that a teen who doesn’t live in the U.S. is making more money than Americans do because of us, Americans. Apparently, we love fake news especially about our new President, Donald Trump. In the interview, Dimitri gives credit to Trump about his growing industry.

Dimitri is one smart cookie! I, personally, do not agree with what he is doing but it is legal. He thrived on our interests to make the “American dream” come true. While Dimitri is being benefitted from his fake news, who or what are being damaged by the fake news? Is fake news that bad? Can we tell the difference between real and fake news? Should we say something if we spot fake news? All these questions are swimming in my head with no absolute right answer. My conclusion- it is based on the person.

People are so different! We have different sets of belief for which we live by. Some beliefs do not agree with other belief systems which creates diversity (differences.) For instance, in Dimitri’s case, there might be people who believe Dimitri’s actions are wrong while others believe they have enough confidence to spot fake news. I think acknowledging that fake news exits is a first step. Also, being able to spot fake news is a key component to this topic. Who knew that fake news can inspire so much thinking!