A Game Developer and Virtual Reality Lecturer

*this is a short write up that sums up about who i am for future references

Hey there.

My name is Faisal Athar Bin Mohd Fadzil. Some call me by the name ‘Kassim’, which is a name given to me because of a misunderstanding and, since then, has become synonymous with me until now.

I am a Games and Virtual Simulation developer, and an assistant lecturer of Multimedia University. My passion for games and development stems from years of playing games since i was little and my experience of teaching in the department of Virtual Reality to the students in the Creative Multimedia Faculty.

As a game and virtual simulation developer, I often challenge myself to design virtual experiences and push myself in terms of technical understanding of game engines. My role as a developer also teaches me of the games industry as a whole, from programming to marketing, and instills the understanding of a game from an art perspective as well as a business perspective.

As a lecturer, I combine the theoretical understanding of Virtual Reality, that I graduated in as well, with the industrial knowledge and experience I have encountered, to better teach the students about said field. I do my best in building the new generation of thinkers for the future of the creative industry, specifically in the field of Virtual Reality.

I have developed, and released many games and worked on a few virtual simulation projects under the brand of Effinjay Studio.

I believe experiences felt in games and virtual worlds are more immersive compared to any other mediums and leaves a more lasting effect. It is a belief that shapes the man that I am today and an idea that i wish to share with the people around me.

TLDR: My name is Faisal Athar and I’m a Game and Virtual Simulation developer, founder of Effinjay Studio, and an assistant lecturer of Virtual Reality from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. I create virtual experiences for people to immerse themselves in and enjoy. I’ve experience in art, design, 3D, game design, and game programming.