3 signs you need to take break from your work

Kasturi Shrivastava
Dec 5, 2016 · 2 min read
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Feeling low at work? Demotivated? Wanna skip your work?

Taking break from is not bad at all. In this competitive world, everybody is chasing money and in order to have the sense of fulfillment, they work even if they don’t wish to. There might be financial constraints, which are holding you to continue. There could be social stigma, which is asking you to stick to what you’re going through.

But rethink for a minute. If you’re not happy today, and if you continue doing the same thing, you’ll remain unhappy tomorrow as well. And this will impact your work quality. Unplug yourself from your work ( many be for a w eek, a month depends on how long you can recover) if you’re facing these signs:

1. Having Monday morning blues for a month continuously

I like Monday because I prepare myself on Friday itself. I like Monday because I find it to be a fresh start of the week. But if you’re feeling low and you don’t want to be present at work on Monday, you might need to consider making Friday = Monday.

Even after applying the above technique, if you still feel demotivated on Monday that too for a month long, you should consider taking a break. By break, I mean take time to re-build yourself. Travel to some place, gather your thoughts, have refreshment, and bring that creativity back.

If taking break is not an option for you, you might consider working as a digital nomad to keep you recharged with your creativity.

2. Feeling unappreciated at work

What we see is what we perceive!

You might be feeling that your efforts are going unrecognized and this might not be making you happy at work. But ponder over, are your efforts really of that quality to be acknowledged and recognized? Aren’t you missing something in your efforts? May be you aren’t that productive these days? May be you’re taking too long time to produce that work? May be somebody else can do the same work in much better way?

Continuous feeling of being unrecognized should be a self check and the solution can be to unplug yourself from work. Take time for yourself, re-invest your break time on you.

3. Spending day and night at work

Heard of work life balance? You think, it’s a myth? You think since you’ve got the job, you’re destined to work no matter where your personal life and health is going? Take a break!

If you’re spending 85% of your day on work, it’s time to check yourself. You shouldn’t live to work, you should work to live!

Either or think of taking a break and recharging yourself. You can’t enjoy work if you aren’t mentally healthy.

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