40 “Active Business Publications” on Medium That You Must Follow

Bookmark this list and make the most out of it.

6 min readOct 3, 2018


Recently, I was searching for good business publications on Medium where I could consume good insights about business.

To my surprise, I found about a list with 400 such publications under the “business” tag. But not all the 400 are active on Medium. Many are inactive, and many others are infrequent.

I did step ahead and put little more effort and curated 40 “active” business publications out of the 400.

Now I’m assuming, you may be having two specific questions:

  1. Why should business publications matter to you? Or for this matter, why even any publication should be important to you?
  2. Why have I put extra effort and curated the 40 for you?

If I would have been in your place, I would have certainly asked these.

So let me help you with this upfront:

  1. First of all, any publication created here contains “relevant articles” in a “dedicated domain”. This has multi-fold benefits. For the writers, whenever they add stories to such publications, their stories reach out to a good number of people in one go. For the readers, if they follow any such publication, they get to read articles of their interest curated at a single place. So if you’re someone who is interested in everything about business: how to build one, how not to build one, how to grow a business, what it takes for customer service and many such answers, you must follow business publications.
  2. Now, when I had the need to look over such publications, I was lost among 400 options. In order to save your time, I spent my extra time in curating the active ones for you and narrowed down the list to 40. If you follow these active publications, you’ll be on top of the tips and hacks of business. I really believe curation is a big time saver.

I hope I’ve clarified your doubts so far. If you’ve any more, feel free to comment below. Also, I’ll be curating many such publications in different domains as well.

So here you go




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