5 reasons why should you choose your name as a brand

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As a freelancer writer/ designer/ creator, most of the times people start positioning their work under a brand. Doing so has never been harmful, but building your personal brand with your enriched work might be more advantageous.

These 5 reasons might compel you to choose your name as a brand :

#1. You can evolve with your name as a brand.

Imagine if you start now from the scratch with yourname.com and you start selling any thing, let’s say life lessons hacks.; fast forward 2 years, you may be with more than a million traffic knocking on your landing page. This time you can utilize the same brand to influence another customer segment, may be startups? Read how Gary Vaynerchuk used to do a show where he drank wine and spat it out into a bucket. And now he is doing a question answer show about the world of entrepreneurship.

#2. You need not re-brand yourself.

You might would have heard of niche-marketing, niche-selling to narrow down your customer segment and sell to a specific group. In order to do the same, most of the times, you’ll have to create a new brand to address a new segment. While in your case where you use your personal brand, you can use your readers, listeners, followers gained from a long time to validate your selling proposal and build word of mouth.

#3. When you grow, your personal brand will grow.

This would eventually open the door for another business, any new gig, which you might like to start at some point in near future. Growing another business with your personal brand will be a lot easier.

#4. If you’d like to opt in for full time job later, your personal brand will help in fetching a much senior position (irrespective of your age).

Yes, it’s true. A lot of startups and companies are using intelligent tools to gauge the social networks and activities of potential candidates. The one who speaks a lot about his domain particularly stands out of the crowd.

One brilliant example on Medium : Jon Westenberg is a creative writer and have compiled many intriguing articles and established his own brand before joining and endorsing Speelancer.

#5. And, in case, if you’d like to opt in to develop a creative agency, people will still choose you over other businesses.

Because these days business and product selling is relationship centric, which depends on human connection. You do business with people, businesses do selling with people. Every piece of article, design, product is consumed by people and sold by people.

Don’t wait for another advice : Keep hustling, keep building your personal brand and use that to build funnel of opportunities for you.

The brand will stay with you…

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PS : I have written this article and I am using my personal branding as a writer here. Let me know what do you think about this article. Would love to exchange thoughts!