7 Brilliant Hacks That Can Increase Your Earnings On Medium

I’ve recently joined the Medium Partner Program and glad to see some monetary ROI out of my writing over here. I make around 200$ a month and pushing it more every day.

I also see a lot many writers over here who have just started writing on Medium and have recently joined the Medium Partner Program and have made few bucks.

Just like you, I’m also pushing myself every day to see the exponential curve of medium earnings. But this game is not a linear one. Sometimes you can make 500+ or sometimes below 100. But there is something constant that doesn’t change. That’s the consistency.

I’m not saying about consistency in writing and publishing over here. Obviously, this one is self-understood but I’m saying about the following 10 consistent tasks that you should do a daily basis to increase your medium earnings. Yes, you need to allocate 1 hour of your day and make these tasks your habit and see the exponential change. This is how I’m close to 4K followers over here and making some money as well.

Let’s first see the basic user flow to earn through Medium:

  1. You write an article
  2. You publish those articles and apply a few relevant tags, and make those a locked one.
  3. People in your Medium network are notified of your new article.
  4. Sometimes, you cross-share among other platforms and gain more readers.
  5. Sometimes, you are featured in the daily medium digest and you gain more readers.
  6. You receive the claps and comments.
  7. You receive money based on your article’s engagement [The medium partner money algorithm is heavily dependent on “the claps that you receive from Medium Paid Members”.]


Goal: To increase Medium Earnings on a weekly basis

Target audience: Medium Paid Members

Strategy: More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

1. Follow +300 people every single day [10 min]

You may find limitations on the number of people you can follow on the medium desktop website. Use the mobile app for this task.

Result: You will get 10% follow-back.

More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

2. Read at least 5 Medium Locked Stories [15 min]

You may find yourself running out of the free stories of the month but you can still read “unlimited locked stories” using incognito mode. Try this, works wonder.

Result: You will find claps only from Medium members. Target these people to follow. More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

3. While you read articles, highlight the resonating lines [5 min]

Result: You’ll gain the attention of the author (medium member) and his audience as well. More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

4. Find unlocked stories of Medium members and leave a comment on those articles [10 min]

Result: This will navigate Medium member fans of this author to explore your profile. More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

5. Tag other authors in your daily article [5 min]

Result: This will make these authors clap in your article (since you have mentioned them, they will also show some gratitude). More Claps -> More Money

6. Whenever you reference other authors’ articles in your article, leave a note to the author. [ 5 min]

Result: This will definitely make the author go through the note, respond to you. Here you will make a relationship and a potential re-share and a follow-back. More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

7. Tweet at least 10 Medium Member articles [10 min]

Result: This will fetch the author’s fans to your medium profile. More Medium Member Followers -> More Claps-> More Money

Note: This will make more money only if you develop all these as your habits along with a consistent quality article on a regular basis.

I’m doing all these every single day.

My first deep work involves applying these 7 hacks.

I’ve come from 0 followers to near to 4K followers.

I’ve grown my earning from 0 to 8$ a month to 40$ a month to 200$ a month.

Keep hustling guys! Let’s help each other in growing together.

And, yes let me know if you have any additional insight. I’d love to know and add over here with due credits to you.

Kasturi Shrivastava

Written by

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