A year with Dressprise.com


Dressprise.com started a year ago and the journey has taken me on a learning curve, right from

1. Doing market research

2. Getting know customer pain points

3. Selecting the perfect name for your brand

4. Creating its digital presence

5. Building brand audience

6. Getting the first customer (to 40+ now)

7. Connecting with people

8. Art of storytelling

9. Generating business revenues through pre-paid payment model

10. Optimizing logistics and operations

11. Building a remote team

12. Validating the minimum viable product

13. Opting for virtual office space

14. Registering company

15. Adding another revenue channel to maximize the ROI on investment

16. Last but not the least, learned to survive minimalistic on savings. Bootstrapping is definitely tough but having timelines on your toes gives the clarity.

“Time is the real money”

Can’t say how much I have invested myself this one year on @dressprise, leaving a full-time job, opting for consultancy and freelancing to survive Dressprise, cutting every extra expense, lesser partying, lesser shopping, fighting for my vision, convincing people’s doubts on me. My heart always said that the day is not so far when I will go back to shop for myself while I am curating for others. And I believe I am getting closer day by day.

While I and my team invested our time and efforts on DP, it would not have taken shape without an understanding family, strong motivating close friends, ultra understanding team, and our earned customers who trusted us without questioning.

There is a lot more to learn and I believe with all your love, blessings, support and critic, the learning journey with @dressprise will be enthralling. I would like to detail out my each learning so that even if I would be able to help a single person, I would feel the existence of Dressprise has got its value. Feel free to reach out, to ask, to discuss, to give me feedback, all ears!

Please do visit: www.dressprise.com and drop by to say what do you feel about this! Your honest one word will make my day :)

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