Bookmark these 10 productivity medium publications to make your day

I have been an avid reader of productivity hacks. I constantly read, write and share about ways to become more productive. One of the reasons behind my interest is my role at Vibrant Work App ( productivity mobile app for the workplace), where I make people aware about it’s value and ask them to build a Happy Work Culture.

During this work experience, I have encountered around 10o productivity blogs, but not all are that useful. Out of all those, I spend my most of the time reading articles on these 10 medium publications. Since, I closely follow and read in detail, I thought to curate the top 10 ones, which you can bookmark right away for your morning dose!

So here you go :

1. The Mission

This publication touch base with accelerated learning and the science and technologies that help life thrive. The remarkable thing is they include articles, which portrays actionable insights to change, optimize, accelerate things in life. You will find the reason behind it’s existence more interesting!

Founder : Chad Grills

2. Readthink

Readthink is a hubspot publication that articulates stories, insights, and ideas from the business world and beyond. What makes it interesting? First of all, Hubspot is the king and the queen of the content. Second, it covers real life experiences dealing with business, work, person and lists down key insights. Bookmark to broaden your reading horizon!

3. Better Humans

The name sounds cool? Thriving to become better humans, the writers here inspire people to be the best of their human potential. They cover intelligent ideas to upgrade oneself and writes about productivity, life and health.

Editor in Chief : Tony Stubblebine

4. Art of practicality

Research backed practical insights and advice about life, work, productivity and entrepreneurship. You can find How To’s articles, secrets and hacks to accomplish something, which you have been trying for hard in the past. Ex: I always wanted to keep a journal but could never follow this habit. This particular piece has helped me in maintaining my journal : Read This If You Want To Keep A Journal But Don’t Know How

Founder : Darius Foroux

5. Personal Growth

As the name suggests, personal growth spans over strategies, tips and thoughtful experiences, which can add to one’s individual personality. You might wish to read this : 11 great resources for your personal growth

Editor : Dan Pedersen

6. Creatomic

This one is my favorite among all. Founded by John Westenberg, Creatomic has it’s own flavor addition towards productivity and life hacks. You can expect John sharing his views on every minute detail, which if changed in your life can bring magic. For now, you can read this : How to invest in yourself

7. Startup Grind

By the founders and for the founders. On the mission to learn, unlearn, and share technology trends, product design, growth, and productivity hacks. You can expect the real life experiences of founders, how did they do certain things,what made them successful, their mistakes, the Dos and the Don’ts ..

Founder : Derek Andersen

8. Spaceship

Looking for things, which you might want to change at present but clueless about how you can do so? Spaceship is bridging the gap between reading and the growth. Spaceship inspires people to read more, learn more and apply more.

Founder : Kaushik Sen & Dave Kuhn

9. Marketing and Entrepreneurship

If you’re a startup founder or a marketer, this publication is for you! Here you can find doable tips to apply in your work to optimize and bring more ROI to your work. Don’t forget to bookmark this one!

Editors : Larry Kim & Danny Goodwin

10. Happy Work Culture

This is where I contribute my writing. We’re on a mission to bring work-life balance and transform every work place to work mobile. Yes, we’re bringing a mobile app for the workplace, which can automate and manage your entire company. And, since we are working in the productivity space, this publication is to deliver our thought leadership and values to the community.