Happy Midweek 😍 | The Inside Story

Last few months have been crazy for me! Had been trying to bring back my life on the track. Recently got married and moving in with a person for 24/7 after leading an independent life all alone was a big big change for me. But did I mention that the biggest change has been getting my life back on the track in a much better way?

Yes! You heard it right. Marriage is beautiful. It pushes you to be accountable for your adulthood (sigh! really). And, it pushes you to be the one who is Bold, Mature, Responsible, Focused, and Productive.

My life has changed in the last 90 days. And, the last 30 days have been remarkable. I’ll be writing next “How my life got changed in last 30 days for the better good? And, how can you apply the same?” This won’t teach you the smart ways, or the clever ways. This will only reflect what I did, and how can you do the same.

In nutshell, my last 30 days have made me more disciplined, have added 7 extra hours to my life to live each day a little more, have made my goals clear, and have pushed me to achieve all those goals one by one.

Among all the goals, one was to suffice my soul by reading good articles on a daily basis. I’m an avid reader and having worked at last startup, where it was all about productivity, have infused the same traits in me. I’m always on to look for ways that could make me “completely alive”.

Reading good stories suffice my soul. And, writing great stories makes me alive.

Coming back to that goal, I could figure out that I was able to read almost 20 articles a day (reading time scattered throughout the day) but I was not deriving much out of it. It had become more of information (Remember, information is not knowledge) overload. I had to streamline this in a better way.

I decided to focus more on the learning rather than the reading. What does it mean?

Learning > Reading

But how did I achieve it is more interesting.

Step by step process

  • Goal: Suffice my soul by reading good articles on a daily basis.
  • Step 1: I narrowed down to gather 5 learnings for each day.
  • 1 learning/ article.
  • This means I had to ensure that I’m deriving something out of each article. This “something” should be something that could make me more smart, more thoughtful, more empathetic, more productive, more focused, more disciplined, and more alive.
  • Step 2: Don’t count in if I don’t learn anything. If I happen to read an article thoroughly, and if I don’t derive any new learning, I wouldn’t count that in. This makes me read about 10–12 articles a day.
  • Step 3: Choose a keyword for the week. Even though this was good, I had to streamline it a more. My reading list was still crowded. I decided to filter this down based on a particular keyword for the entire week.
  • This makes me focus on a particular learning for the week. This also ensures that I learn more about 4 different domains in a month in a more organized way.
  • Great! This looked good to me. I chose #Productivity for the last week. So far, I have read about 70 articles on an average (about 10 articles a day) out of which I made sure there are 5 articles/day worthy enough to include the new learnings.


The Keyword for the week: #Productivity

1 week (7 days)

70 articles ( 10 articles/day)

35 notable learnings (5 learnings/day)

  • Step 4: Note down and share your learnings. I didn’t stop here because I had to conclude this framework. And this process asked me to note down all the learnings and share in a weekly roundup article.

Phewwww! And, this framework has worked for me amazingly. I’m close to 70 articles for the week and I’ve already counted in 35 learnings to stick to. Life is certainly short, and time is certainly limited, but what can make out the best of it matters the most.

Every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing the Happy Midweek Roundup post that would cover all the 35 learnings of the week (each learning derived from a particular article, with the source and the author of the article). Here the goal is to ensure that I’m sharing what I learning. Even if one article out of this makes your day, my efforts will be counted!

Below you will find the index with links corresponding to that week article:-

For next couple of weeks, I have chosen these keywords: #marketing, #fintech, #blockchain, #productmanagement.

If you’d like me to research on any keyword and help you with the same, feel free to reach out to me at kasturi.shrivastava@gmail.com. This will help of both of us in learning and in sharing things together.


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