How Can You Fulfill Your Each Single Wish?

Habit Change: Most Simple But Yet Most Difficult

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

How often do you wish to have something very badly? Every now and then, you come up with new goals, new dreams, new wishlists but exactly how many of those you get to achieve?

Most of the time, none!

Reason? Pretty simple.

Your wish is not your priority.

Yes, you read it right. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s not your priority. If you’re not reaching where you wish to be, it’s not your priority.

It’s very simple yet very difficult. You wish something and you know how to achieve but something or the other thing comes in between and you’re invested again.

You’re wishing to lose weight but you’re nowhere close. Why? Because you have a day job, and you have meetings and you’ve family. You start your day thinking you’ll start the workout but something comes in between and you don’t stick to your habit. That something overpowers your wish to lose weight. Why? Because the workout was not your priority.

Habit Change: Make Your Wish Your Priority

Let’s see what happens if you make this one your priority. You wake up and you’re about to hit the gym and something comes in between. Here, prioritize. Yes, every single decision making comes from what do you prioritize. If you find the other something is:

a) Not urgent but important: Do it later.

b) Urgent & Important: Do it yourself then and there. But since your workout is your priority, make sure you make time for it during the rest of the day.

c) Urgent but not important: Delegate.

d) Not urgent and not important: Eliminate.

Now let’s see what do we do generally and how do people perceive. In ad-hoc situations, we actually choose the right-hand side things. Let’s say you’re about to step out for a weekend gate-away and you receive an email asking you for a couple of things that will need your good amount of time, in such a case, if you:

a) Reply that you’ll do it later: The other person will consider it is not that urgent to you but since you’ve committed to do it later, it is important for you.

b) Reply that you’ll do it now: The other person will consider it is urgent and important for you.

c) Reply that somebody else will do on your behalf: The other person will consider that it was urgent to be done, so you made it feasible by someone else doing the same.

d) Reply that it’s not needed to do (stating valid reasons): The other person will consider it was neither urgent nor important for you. And, this will make him retrospect on his request.

Your reply will depend on what is your priority here. Whatever you choose will reflect your priority. And that only priority will give the results. If you choose to invest time in the email work, then this is your priority. If you choose to delegate, to eliminate or to do it later, then the weekend gate-away is your priority.

Whatever you choose becomes your priority and that priority brings you closer to what you want to achieve. And, vice-versa.

I always wanted to shed some weight and look slimmer. But it was only on my wishlist. This July, losing weight has become my personal priority. And, to make this priority, I’m making sure I’m doing all the things whatever it requires as the first thing in the morning.

I always wanted to be consistent in my writing. But this again was only in my wishlist. This July, writing every single day has become my work priority. And, to stick to this priority, I’m writing and publishing every single day. Earlier, I used to have writers’ block, times when nothing used to come in my mind, times when the article only stood till the headline, times when it was only left half-way. But now since I know that to be consistent, I NEED TO MAKE THIS MY PRIORITY, I’m going to prioritize this over everything else.

Trust me and this is working for me! You can see my Medium stats

Setting up your priority is most simple but definitely needs clarity. And the most difficult part is sticking to your focus.

Make your wish as your priority, and your priority as your focus

So what’s on your wishlist for coming days? And, what’s on your priority list? Answer yourself and you’re one step closer.