My Best 30 Life Lessons From The Writers on Medium

I’ve been writing every day for the last 30 days on Medium. One of my content buckets include learnings from the particular week. After publishing for 5 consecutive weeks, I’ve made a good collection over here.

In order to bring a new addition, and a slight change, here I’m articulating my best learnings from the Medium writers.

Trust me, every morning I wake up, do my daily chores, open my laptop and start reading on Medium.

You writers have become my addiction!

Your writings move my writing.

Your writings level up my writing.

Your writings open up new thought process for me.

I always wonder how best can I utilize the value that I’m receiving from your end. And, I end up articulating here again with due credits to you guys!

I’m sure in the coming days, I’ll again have new best learnings and I can’t wait for the same.

Surprisingly, my DigiMusk subscribers are also liking my learnings and deriving value out of your writings. I’m sure you’d like to know how the emails look like that have your valuable additions.

  1. “There is an easy button for almost everything we do. Keep reminding yourself that fewer headaches isn’t always beneficial | Shannon Ashley
  2. “Freedom isn’t unlimited choices. It’s choosing to live the way you desire in any given moment” | Kristi Andrus
  3. “How do I speak to myself when no one is around?” | Raul Ballesteros
  4. “From your perspective, what would you like to see from my company as the next step?” | Phil Hayes-St Clair
  5. “The Simplest Way to Build a New Habit” | Naveen Sivakumaran
  6. “To Have What You Want, You Must Give-Up What’s Holding You Back | Benjamin P. Hardy
  7. “Eliminate the parasites from your life” | Jon Brosio
  8. The best teachers are on the Internet” | Ayodeji Awosika
  9. “Success is a byproduct of self-discipline — it requires a method, not just a positive attitude” | Gustavo Razzetti
  10. “Making things makes your life better” | Ayodeji Awosika
  11. “Removing an option by default is the quickest way to change behavior | Dan Silvestre
  12. “If you’re ever tempted to look for outside approval, realize that you have compromised your integrity | Nasri Nasir
  13. “You make $2000 a week from your laptop, but you could also lose the best part about having a normal career which is the people| Tim Denning
  14. “The best gift we can give someone, if we love them, is the space to control their own as well.” | Kris Gage
  15. “You Cannot Be Happy and “Busy” at the Same Time” | Anthony Moore
  16. “We are all a reflection of how we invest our time” | Nicolas Cole
  17. “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” | Daria Krauzo
  18. “The best relationships are the one’s where not much needs to be said, but a lot is communicated.” | Aram Rasa Taghavi
  19. Cumulative discipline pays!” | Thomas Oppong
  20. “To learn is to change what you do | Benjamin P. Hardy
  21. “Use your mornings for high-value work | Thomas Oppong
  22. “Develop emotion boundaries, a separation of self and everything else | Kris Gage
  23. “Happy is hokey, unhappy is hip | Aram Rasa Taghavi
  24. “What you believe and conceive, happens | Aram Rasa Taghavi
  25. “Worry less of your past, your tomorrow is a clean slate.” — Zig Ziglar | Christopher D. Connors
  26. “You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf | Raul Ballesteros
  27. Freedom is not an accident” | Darius Foroux
  28. Motives will always be questioned” | Tom Kuegler
  29. “Extreme goals tell apart the real limitations from the self-imposed ones” | Maarten van Doorn
  30. “Goals are like bacon: whatever you add them to, it’s going to make it better”| Maarten van Doorn

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