What does freedom at 25 means for a woman in India?

Being one among the women millennials of India, looking back on the journey so far…

When I was 5 years old :

Very naive! Could neither know the literal meaning of freedom nor could acknowledge the rich Indian history. Freedom at 5? Not sure.

When I was 10 years old :

Indian history started making sense. The stories of freedom fighters floating all around the books, their struggles, the architectural changes, the constitution and all. But still naive! Freedom at 10 meant getting whatever we wanted.

When I was 15 years old :

Wohooo! Teen age. That’s what I could utter. Patriotism, yes I could understand. Freedom fighters name and their origin, yes I started acknowledging. Freedom at 15 meant not being restricted for anything.

When I was 20 years old:

Started recognizing right & wrong. Started dreaming to become self independent, setting up on own paths. Freedom at 20 meant allowing me to choose the career path and choose to contribute to make better India.

When I’m 25 years old:

Seeing all around the campaigns for gender equality. Contributing in Make in India concept. Standing up for a valid cause, and helping others grow and contribute to India. But being women, we’ve long way to go.

What does freedom at 25 means?

“Freedom from Rape”

“Freedom to travel freely such as there is no threat”

“Freedom to take the road less taken”

“Freedom to work for survival or work for passion”

“Freedom to choose the life, which I want to lead”

1947 to 2016…&….don’t know how long.

Happy Independence Day!