What Occupies Your Mind 70% Of The Day?

And what shall you do about it?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

We all find ourselves in middle of our duties, obligations, hobbies, relationships, and hustling most of the time. But back of the mind, we all think about something most of the time. That something feels like a sticky note in the brain, in the heart that stays there until it’s purpose is done.

For example, when I realized that I was getting over weight and I had to look for the options to reduce my weight, I had to control my diet and had to start excercise in parallel.

While, I couldn’t hold on to controlling my diet but this always stood at back of my mind. The moment I felt like eating something that would be nice to the taste bud, the over-weight thing poked on top of my mind. No matter whether I am following my diet or not, it stays there.

Similarly, when I have to finish a content framework strategy for a client, no matter how many tasks I do that day, this particular work always sits on top even if the deadline is far away.

Know what, the thing that sits on top of your mind consumes your energy. Now, that thing can be a good thing for you, or a bad thing.Sometimes, I worry about my cash-flow. And when I have this anxiety on top of my mind, I feel agitated all the time.

It’s up to you to recognize what’s the sticky note in your mind and categorize it as positive or negative.

If it is positive, work towards it. It’s worthwhile. It supercharges your energy.

If it is negative, learn letting it go. It’s useless. It drains your energy.

How to control your sticky note of mind?

Write it down.

Yes, write it down on a paper with your hand.

The moment you write it down, you will feel like it’s out of your mind. At least this feeling will give you a lot of ease if you are at anxiety.

Next, take a moment and think if this thing adds to your personal growth? Can you do anything about it?

If yes, do it right away. Don’t procastinate. The more you procastinate, the more it will consume your time and you won’t grow.

Example: If you’re stuck in your current job and you wish to change your situation, you got to get another work that adds meaning to your life. In order to do so, just keeping it as a sticky note reminder will not help you.

You need to work towards it.

You need to strategize your process, learn new skills and start applying.

If you have written down on the paper, include it in your daily journal. This will help you get rid off quickly.

Now when I say if it’s positive, why am I saying to get rid off it?

Because, unless and until you complete this thing, your brain will remain occupied. In order to grow, you need to feed your brain with new things. New things can take place if old things are not there. So you need to empty your mind, empty your brain, empty your heart with your sticky note.

Always think of having a new sticky note. A positive sticky note. And keep recharging your sticky note. You can’t have it for more than 3 days.

3 days and you need to do something about it.

If it is negative, think if you can do anything about it. If yes, do it right away. If no, learn letting it go. Keeping this in your mind and worrying it for more than 3 days will swallow your soul.

There is no point draining your energy when you can’t do anything about it.


Whatever sits on top of your mind, write it down in your journal. Finish it as soon as possible, or let it go. You will see your soul is always charged with nw thoughts.