Easy one liners to help you close your communication

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How to close your emails:

1. When your prospect gives you any update/ any announcement

P.S: This is my first medium article in 2020 after writing 212 articles last year. Thank you for bringing me back.

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This is my true story.

A Product Handbook For Your Startup

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If you are a product manager, bookmark this one!

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This mindful strategy has given me my time back.

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And why should you make one?

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  • You may be an early riser or a night owl.
  • You may be a full-time employee or a digital nomad.
  • You may be a job lady or a house maker.
  • You may be having one job or 2 jobs in a day.
  • You may be working and building a side project as well.

“What’s your shutdown time?”

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Your wish is not your priority.

And what shall you do about it?

Working From Home | Pic Credits: My Husband


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