Keep moving forward.

Harness this want for success. Hold it close and don’t forget the feeling. Let it drive you to where you want to go. Let these people in your life who make you want to be a better person fuel you, and remind you why you are working as hard as you are. Remember that it can’t be all fun and games, sometimes fun is hard work. Appreciate things now, but don’t add too much value to certain moments and events, as they will be over as soon as they begin.

You have to keep remembering that you can have everything that you want. But you can not be scared, you can not doubt your talent, and you can’t think that things will come easy. Hard work isn’t the hard part, having faith is, taking the leap is. Don’t be scared of judgement, know it will come, embrace it and move forward. Be lighthearted with other peoples thoughts towards you, they are almost always a reflection of themselves.

Put yourself out there, in the big ol’ universe and just see what happens. You can’t be scared, you can’t take it all so seriously. Build on what you learn, move away from negative situations with a sense of what you can do differently. You will not become the person you are scared of becoming if you stop thinking it into existence.

You have every opportunity available, you have more than every tool you will ever need. You have a beautiful and imaginative brain, and a joy that comes from creating things. That is a gift, it must be shared.

Don’t be closed to the world, understand that things will always change. Learn to love those changes, learn to love the new place you are in, the new people that surround you. Learn about them, learn as much as you can. People are the most interesting thing you can dive into. You never know when you will see a glimpse of something in someone, something you never thought existed for anyone else. Human relationships are beautiful, no matter how they exist. People can give you so much, even the horrible ones.

Your perspective is everything.