Find a job at a Start-up: resources

Last month I did a talk for WarwickTECH about how to find a job at a start-up after graduating. This was motivated by the fact that when I was at university, the lack of start-up presence on campus and saturation by much larger companies meant start-up’s weren’t something I’d even thought about.

I promised to put together a list of a few resources that would be useful to someone interested in finding a job at a start-up coming from not knowing much about it. I’m making it public in case others will find it useful too. This is London focussed and not exhaustive. Each section is in order of how much help I think each resource will be if you’re just starting out.

Job Boards

  1. AngelList —

Searching well is the key on here but if you only look at one job board, this is the one. There’s also a profile page for each company to give you an insight without having to visit each site.

You can filter by London (or other place in the UK) but you can also filter by which investors invested. Doing that means you’ll filter out the earlier stage companies (under 10 employees) if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more secure.

Notable investment firms to filter by: Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, Passion Capital

2. —

You tend to see a lot of earlier stage companies (e.g. with under 10 employees) on here as job postings are cheap/free.

3. Escape The City —

Not just start-ups, other more alternative careers e.g. charities, things abroad. Used to be low on the number of junior roles.

Tech News

  1. The Memo —

A london based tech news site. Focusing on interest pieces and commentary of things happening in tech & start-ups.

2. Wired UK —

Similar to the Memo but it feels less localised. Interest pieces and commentary but not as UK specific. It’s also a much larger company so quantity of articles is higher & they’re more well known.

3. Business Insider UK —

Good for seeing announcements of fundraises and products from start-ups in the UK.


4. TechCrunch Europe —

Good for seeing announcements of fundraises and products from Start-ups in Europe.

5. Hacker News —

I check this at least once a day, news about programming and start-ups, based on upvoting to get the most interesting things to the top. It’s so Silicon Valley focused when it comes to jobs though so actually not much help for that.

Interested in learning about starting a Start-up

  1. There’s a great intro into everything you need to think about by Rik Lomas (runs his own coding start-up called SuperHi) if you’re looking to start your own thing.
  2. Paul Graham (founder of Ycombinator, the start-up school that helped develop Airbnb, Dropbox and a whole load of others) has written tonnes of things on start-ups here >

Blogs (US based)

  1. Signal vs. Noise —

Most written by a company called Basecamp, they built their company without taking on any investment. Write a lot of things about why the current ‘take loads of money in venture capital before you’ve worked out how to make a profit’ doesn’t work for a lot of people.

2. Both Sides of the Table —

Written by Mark Suster, an american venture capitalist, writes well and lots of good advice on general start-ups things.

Coding VC —

Written by Leo Polovets, another american venture capitalist. Used to be an developer at Linkedin. Tends to have a slightly different perspective coming from an engineering background.

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