And Now for Something Completely Different: 4 New Ways to Think About SEO in 2016
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

How Agencies Can Prepare For 2016 Search Trends

Nichole’s article was a wonderful and actionable piece for search marketers.

Here are my thoughts on how to action her findings for search and media agencies.

  1. Talk to your creative counterparts tweets are search- optimized and ensure your clients are informed of any new search trends.
  2. Be active on Twitter and check to see what’s trending to stay ahead of the curve. Bring any relevant trends to your media colleagues and client teams.
  3. How to make sure you’re targeting Duck Duck Go on Bing:
    When signed in to Bing Ads, click Campaigns. 
    Click on your campaign’s name.Then on your ad group name. Click the Settings tab. Click Ad distribution.
    Save at the bottom (duh).