King of Nonsense

by Kat Healy

The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, Stockholm // Anonymous

Go on, have a halo.

Shine it up, march with the Saints.

Pretend you’re good.

Glorious. Gorgeous. A beacon of Light.

Play your trumpet, ring the bells,

Heaven knows you’re coming.


Sing out, loud, clear, angry and puritanical.

Get mad. Get even.

Stand on your box of soap.

Wear that halo,

Powerful and proud.

Piss everyone off. Pretend you don’t even care…

People will stare.

You know that, you enjoy it; you thrive.

You’re right. They’re wrong.

Everyone is wrong, you’re right.


Go on, wear that halo.

Shine it up, like a jewel.

You are a King!

Your Majesty.

In a Court of Nonsense.


My name is Kat Healy and I’m a singer songwriter based in Edinburgh Scotland, UK. I enjoy words and music very much.

You can connect with me here:

Twitter @kathealymusic

Facebook @kathealymusicclub

Instagram @kathealymusic

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