The Beginning Stages: It’s Complicated

Hannah and I finally decided what path to take for our first attempt at an Innovations project: Women’s Issues, something we are both passionate about. She and I have very different interested and very different opinions about a lot of things, but Women’s Issues were something that we were both passionate about. Thusly, It’s Complicated, our podcast, was born.

Or, at least in the stage of conception.

We have spent our time coming up with a suitable name (a lot harder than one might think), brainstorming and contacting potential guest-speakers, creating a list of potential episode topics, writing out the basic outline of what we want our first episode to look like, getting an official yes from our first guest-speaker, and, as of yesterday, finally sitting down with the podcast equipment for the first time and receiving a crash course on soundboard and microphone technology.

The next step is to actually record, which should happen the first week of October.

Hopefully, once we learn how to make a podcast episode, things will happen more smoothly and at a faster pace. I for one know where I need to improve upon going forward into the future with this project: to put more of my own mental and emotional energy into what we are doing each day, and to try to put my own outside issues and personal distractions out of my mind while we work. Hannah and I have been using our given time productively, and have gotten a lot pre-work done; however, even if my hands and actions have been on task, my mind has been engaged elsewhere.

And that is what needs to change for me. I need to work on putting my mind and heart into this project as well.